Alfa-Bank Ukraine continues to develop as a universal bank. It has strengthened its positions in corporate and retail business, has actively grown its business in new segments of small and medium-sized companies, by means of offering innovative solutions and high quality service to its customers. The Bank has successfully passed stress-testing for the largest banks at the initiative of the NBU and the IMF, as well as has made a decision to increase its capital through subordinated debt in the amount of USD 50 million. Consequently the capital adequacy ratio of Alfa-Bank Ukraine increased to 17% (with the standard value of 10%), which is one of the best indicator values in the industry. The decision to increase capital became confirmation of the development strategy according to which the Bank intends to strengthen its positions in the top ten largest universal banks of Ukraine, by developing integrally as well as, perhaps, by means of acquisitions. In October Alfa-Bank Ukraine became a leader in terms of growth of deposits of individuals in the national currency among the banks, by showing growth at the level of 2% against the background of substantial outflows in the system. It became possible due to customer confidence and reputation as a reliable bank which consistently fulfils its obligations to its depositors. The growth of the deposit portfolio of the Bank was provided with prompt and high-quality payments within the scope of cooperation of Alfa-Bank Ukraine with the Deposit Guarantee Fund, within the scope of which payments to thousands of depositors of several troubled banks were made. By virtue of innovative solutions and ensuring prompt payments more than a half of such customers have chosen Alfa-Bank Ukraine to deposit their funds. In October-November Alfa-Bank Ukraine has within the framework of the project of the World Bank for development of the export potential of Ukraine raised funds in the total amount of USD 21.1 million with maturity until 2018. The raised funds are allocated by the Bank to support export projects of the agricultural sector of Ukraine. The Bank acted as a special partner of the Word Economic Forum in Davos, as well as a partner of the 11th Annual Yalta European Strategy (YES) Meeting. As a part of its support for arts and culture development in Ukraine, Alfa-Bank Ukraine continued its partnership with the International Jazz Festival in Lviv Alfa Jazz Fest.

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