Information about the Bank

Alfa-Bank Ukraine is a large Ukrainian commercial bank with international capital, forming a part of private investment holding company ABH Holdings S.A. (ABHH) headquartered in Luxembourg. According to the NBU classification the bank falls within the category of banks with foreign capital. ABHH holding company has investments in a number of banking groups operating in Europe and the CIS area, specifically in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and the Netherlands. ABHH’s owners include Mikhaіl Fridman – 32.86%, German Khan – 20.97% (both with Israeli citizenship), Alexey Kuzmichev – 16.32%, Petr Aven – 12.40%, Andrey Kosogov – 3.67% (all three with Russian citizenship), as well as UniCredit S.p.A. – 9.9%, and The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research – 3.87%.


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