Service packages


Never before has the relationship with the Bank were not so simple. Bank 2.0 cancels almost all of the individual fee: for issuing cards, insurance, and the like. Today almost free of 5000 of the Bank's employees will work for you. It's not a trick, not a technique - it is a NEW DEBIT PACKAGES for You, our customers.

Why we developed and released packages?

  1. Actually we also like the new bags. Many clients do not like the banking institutions because of their sophisticated and complex contracts, confusing calculations and timing. We want to move away from this state of Affairs. Now everything is simple, everything is free, subject to a positive balance, or burdensome fixed amount per month.
  2. We believe that the future as a cashless form of payment. We did everything that this payment method was most appealing to you: it's free payments to My AlfaBank and more.
  3. remotely: we have simplified the legal component, reconfigure our software, simplified procedures – receiving the package, you can use most products of the Bank. No road to the office, queues and waste of time.

Why we believe that it is not just important, but an extremely important for us as a Bank and for you, our customers?

We no longer sell refined products. We help to solve your problems, meet your needs every day. We don't want to be a Bank where you closed the Deposit or loan and exhaled with relief. We want and we are ready to walk beside you and help all the way to your happy future!

Start with our new bags. Next will be!