Alfa-Bank Ukraine shareholder ABH Ukraine Limited successfully repaid the Eurobond issue for a total amount of USD 50 million

News 11 december 2018 - 12:07

On December 10, 2018, ABH Ukraine Limited, the majority shareholder of JSC “ALFA‑BANK”, which owns 90.1% of the bank's shares, fully and timely repaid the USD 50 million Eurobond issue (ISIN XS1500340861). The issue maturity was 26 months. The issue coupon rate comprised 9% per annum with quarterly coupon payments. The Eurobonds were issued pursuant to the rules specified by the Regulation "S" of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Full and timely repayment of the Eurobond issue became for investors an additional confirmation of the asset quality and the perfect business reputation of ABH Ukraine Limited and the international banking group ABH Holdings S.A.

Currently, 9 Eurobond issues of ABH Ukraine Limited remain at the market (XS1551071621, XS1693017193, XS1693017276, XS1808934316, XS1808934589, XS1905646144, XS1907535576, XS1873231267, XS1873231341) for the total amount of USD313.5m and EUR30m.

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