Alfa-Bank Ukraine shareholder ABH Ukraine Limited successfully completed the issue of new Eurobonds amounting to USD 50 mln

News 14 november 2019 - 13:00

On November 12, 2019, ABH Ukraine Limited, the majority shareholder of JSC "ALFA-BANK", which owns 90.1% of the bank's shares, registered the new Eurobond issue (ISIN XS2078674467) for a total principal amount of USD 50 million, with maturity date April 15, 2023 and quarterly coupon payments at the interest rate 9% per annum. The Eurobonds were issued pursuant to the rules specified by the Regulation "S" of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

This is the seventeenth Eurobond issue completed by ABH Ukraine Limited since the beginning of 2015, which proves the strong demand from investors in the financial instruments offered by the companies of the international investment holding ABH Holdings S.A. As of the publication date, there were 11 issues of ABH Ukraine Limited in circulation, including two issues in euro and nine issues in USD, six issues have been repaid.