Alfa-Bank Ukraine and Kyivstar Combine Access to Accounts in Sense

News 18 march 2021 - 12:20

Bank and mobile accounts have now single access in one app.

This is the first time such integration takes place in Ukraine. Both companies have held top positions in their segments for more than 20 years, and now they entered into partnership aiming to provide their customers with even greater speed of operations and easy servicing through a single access point. By installing Sense SuperApp, a new digital bank from Alfa-Bank Ukraine, on your phone, you can combine access to your bank and mobile accounts.

“The bank will continue to develop additional financial and lifestyle services based on Sense,” says Rafal Juszczak, CEO at Alfa-Bank Ukraine. — And development of joint services with Kyivstar allows us to look ahead with optimism and plan the next steps based on the digital bank. Kyivstar is a great partner to bring more value to the client".

The largest Ukrainian telecom operator has the same optimistic view of the common future.

“Kyivstar, as a national leader in telecommunications, welcomes sustainable partnerships to create digital ecosystem where customer convenience is the main priority,” comments Olexandr Komarov, CEO at Kyivstar.

Why is it convenient?

  • two accounts — one access point;
  • easy to view both balances;
  • one-touch top-up (from bank account to mobile account) due to drag'n'drop technology;
  • all payments are charged without commissions;
  • services statistics and spending tracking;
  • quick search of information on  tariff plan / service package / call history.

What is needed for this?

A client, who enters Kyivstar number when registering in Sense, gets a new offer when entering the digital bank.

One click — and a corporate blue-colored shortcut appears on the desktop. If for some reason, you prefer to combine access to your phone number account with your profile in Sense later, just go to "Products" — "My packages" section or "Profile" section. It is that simple.

New functionality (unique for the country) became available with March Sense release. A special shortcut will be available on the desktop of the users of all mobile communication tariffs or mobile communication + home Internet packages after combining the profiles. The service will be offered to new bank clients immediately after registration. It is important to mention that the app users' data will be securely protected, as always. It is planned that in the future single access will be available also for the corporate customers of the mobile operator.

Sense — on your phone. And your phone is in Sense. Stay tuned.