Alfa-Bank Ukraine and Ukrsotsbank set bilateral domestic tariffs on cash withdrawal and money transfers

News 14 December 2016 - 16:16

Alfa-Bank Ukraine and Ukrsotsbank announced conventional tariffs for cash withdrawal and money transfers within the two banks.

Starting from December 15, 2016, the clients of both ABHH subsidiaries in Ukraine will be charged their regular domestic tariff when withdrawing cash at 1087 ATMs: 215 ATMs of Alfa-Bank Ukraine in addition to Ukrsotsbank’s own network totaling 872 ATMs throughout Ukraine.

A touch of positive changes has also been applied to money transfer tariffs. Transferring funds between Ukrsotsbank and Alfa-Bank Ukraine local currency current accounts will become free of charge starting from January 1, 2017.

 “Unification of tariffs is one of the primary steps testifying to viability of the previously announced quick wins for our clients, resulting from the deal between UniCredit Group and ABH Holdings S.A. Gradual integration will enable allocation of more resources to bank developing and making our offers simply better. To start with, our clients will now have access to a more than 1000-machines-strong ATM network nationwide. Furthermore, money transfer commissions for individuals have shrunk by over 5 times,” noted Artur Atanov, member of the Management Board, Retail Director at Ukrsotsbank. “ Let me emphasize that this is only the beginning of unification of products and tariffs within both banks. Our further improvements and innovations are coming soon.”

Flashback: on October 31, 2016, UniCredit Group and ABH Holdings S.A., the major shareholder of Alfa-Bank Ukraine, completed the deal to transfer the Group’s 99.9% stake in Ukrsotsbank in exchange for 9.9% minority share in ABHH.

Earlier this year Ukrsotsbank has become the first and only bank in Ukraine introducing the network of contactless ATMs in 5 Ukrainian cities. The first contactless ATM in Ukraine was presented in June during the annual international jazz festival “Alfa Jazz Fest” in Lviv jointly by UniCredit Bank (Ukrsotsbank), Alfa-Bank Ukraine, Euronet Ukraine and MasterCard.

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