"Alfa-Luck" provides cashback again

News 13 october 2017 - 09:58

Being lucky is very easy! This is confirmed by the "Alfa-Luck" campaign, in terms of its eighth stage next two winners were chosen.

The lucky winner of "Alfa-Luck: Returning 100%" became Yaroslav Krupiak from Ivano-Frankivsk, who received 100%  cashback of all his purchases made during the month with a credit card of Alfa-Bank Ukraine.

Additional salary from "Alfa-Luck: 13th salary" found its owner in Kharkiv. It is Anastasia Serbina, for whom the bank doubled the last salary.

"Alfa-Luck" campaign continues, and the bank continues to provide cashback to the lucky clients, who pay for purchases by card of Alfa-Bank Ukraine at least 8 times during a month.

Shopping with credit card of our bank is a guarantee of success!