The analytics division of Alfa-Bank was recognized for the third time as the best in macroeconomic forecasts for Ukraine

News 27 may 2021 - 09:30

Aleksey Blinov, Head of the Analytics Division of Alfa-Bank Ukraine, earned the top spot in the ranking of macroeconomic forecasts for Ukraine compiled by Focus Economics in 2020. This is the third time that a representative of Alfa-Bank has been recognized for high accuracy of the forecasts for the Ukrainian economy in this ranking. Thus, for 6 years of existence of this ranking, Alfa-Bank Ukraine has received half of the "gold medals".

Focus Economics is a reputable organization that makes consensus forecasts for 131 countries worldwide. About 30 organizations (banks, investment companies, research organizations), including Alfa-Bank Ukraine, participate in the consensus forecast for Ukraine. When compiling the ranking of forecasters, deviations of forecasts of many macroeconomic indicators (GDP, inflation, NBU discount rate, exchange rate, etc.) from their actual indicators in 2020 have been taken into account. The forecasts of Alfa-Bank Ukraine were considered the most accurate.

Commenting on the ranking results, Aleksey Blinov noted: “For obvious reasons, 2020 was a tough year for macroeconomic forecasters. I am grateful to many colleagues from Alfa-Bank Ukraine for a highly professional sense of the situation, that helped us calmly assess the impact of the pandemic on the Ukrainian economy. This is another victory that emphasizes the importance of competence development, to which Alfa-Bank Ukraine pays a great attention."