Why to call? Write in chat!

Information for customers 24 october 2018 - 16:03

We are confident: if something can be automated - it is necessary to automate!

We are constantly expanding the opportunities by which we can quickly obtain the necessary information about the products and offers of the Bank.

So, we want to introduce you to our chat bot

Facebook Messenger https://m.me/alfabankukrainia
Telegram https://t.me/AlfaBankUkraineBot and
Viber https://www.viber.com/alfabankukraine

Thanks to that, you will be able to:

  • Log in with your Alfa-Bank cards and check their balance.
  • Find out the location of the nearest ATM, or the Alfa-Bank office;
  • heck is a currency exchange rates;
  • Receive information on deposits, loans, money orders;
  • Ask where and how to change the limits, check the balance on the credit card and many other issues

Qualitative support of users is the key to the success of any undertaking.

But this is just the beginning, very soon the bot will receive a set of very useful features, do not miss it!

And keep in mind that you can always use instant 24/7 chat in the site and in the Alfa-Mobile Ukraine https://alfabank.ua/mb