Information for customers 28 april 2017 - 14:18

Dear customers, 
Please see the list of states and territories, the nationality of/registration/location/activities in or links to which may impose money transfer restrictions on the beneficiary and/or beneficiary bank:
- Islamic Republic of Iran
- Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)
- Lebanese Republic (Lebanon)
- State of Libya
- Federal Republic of Somalia
- Republic of the Sudan
- State of Eritrea
- Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Burma)
- Syrian Arab Republic (Syria)
- Republic of Liberia
- Republic of Cuba
- Nation of Brunei Darussalam
- Union of Comoros (Comoros)
- Kingdom of Tonga
- Curacao Island
- Macao Special Administrative Region
- Federal Territory of Labuan (part of the federal territory of Malaysia)
- Autonomous Region of Madeira (Portugal)
- Republic of Costa Rica
- Republic of Mauritius
- Republic of Palau
- Republic of Panama
- State of Wyoming (USA)
- State of Delaware (USA)
- Emirate of Dubai (UAE)
- Republic of Djibouti
- Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
- Republic of Guinea-Bissau
- Republic of Yemen (Yemen)
- Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Democratic Republic of the Congo
- Central African Republic
- Republic of South Sudan
- Republic of Iraq
- Republic of Cфte d'Ivoire
- Republic of Zimbabwe
- Lao People’s Democratic Republic
- Republic of Uganda
- Co-operative Republic of Guyana 
- Islamic Republic of Pakistan
- Federal Republic of Nigeria
- Republic of Angola
For further information, please visit one of our branch offices.

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