Updates to the Tariff Book of RKO for individuals (except SPD) from 14.09.2020

Information for customers 03 september 2020 - 09:04

Dear Clients!

We inform you that from September 14 , 2020, changes will take effect in the Tariff  Collection of Cash Management Services for individuals (except SPD) according to TC № 80 dated  09/02/2020  in section 2. Opening, maintenance and closing of accounts in national and foreign currency, clause 2.6. Payments from current accounts, p.2.6.2. to accounts with others banks in foreign currency (SWIFT-payments), namely, the maximum tariff has been reduced from 1000 c.u. to 500 c.u. already and will be 1 % , min 25 c.u max 500 c.u. of the payment amount.

Please, familiarize yourself with the updated Tariffs.