Fraudulent scheme of stealing confidential data

Your safety 22 september 2015 - 17:38

Dear Customers! 

At present, a fraudulent scheme of stealing confidential data (logins and passwords, e.g. Internet-banking systems) is actively used.

Using e-mail or SMS, fraudsters send the user a message:

  • About participation in an attractive special offer held by the Bank; 
  • About any winning from the Bank; 
  • About the need to change password in the Internet-banking system; 
  • Of other demanding or attractive content. 

Such “proposals” contain links where one should enter login information, or send login and password in SMS.

In most cases, clicking the link the user will see a website similar to familiar to him/her bank website (payment systems, etc.). 

However, the website may be fabled (fake, fishing). After login and password are entered, these data become known to a fraudster. 

In view of the above, the bank insistently recommends: 

1. Carefully read contents of such messages. And even after clicking the link, prior to enter login and password verify accuracy of line in the browser. For example, accurate link to Alfa-Bank website is, to My Alfa-Bank service –

2. Never send your login information in SMS. 

3. Do not install unknown or informal applications on smart phones. 

4. When clicking the link to software virus from a smart phone, delete already installed virus by restoring a smart phone to factory settings (contacts may be saved by exporting to SD card with subsequent import after a smart phone is cleaned). 

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