Service quality

Service quality is our key priority in client relations and we work hard to improve customer experience with the bank.

Service Excellence Surveys 

First Experience

The aim of the study is to evaluate the work of staff in all sales channels, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of service at the first stage of client interaction with the Bank. 

This allows us to adjust the service and provide the most convenient banking solutions to clients throughout their lifecycle. 

We use the results of this study to advise our customers after the sale of banking products to them in order to explain how to use the products most effectively. The survey is conducted on a monthly basis and the results are taken into account in employee motivation.

Customer Experience

Twice a year, a comprehensive assessment of the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty is performed that  measures our customers’ perception of standards, channels of interaction with the bank, image, reputation and other factors.

An important objective of the study is monitoring the dynamics of customer satisfaction in different channels for different periods of the client life cycle. This allows us to assess the effectiveness of efforts to improve the quality of service in different channels and focus on those components of the service that require improvement.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) methodology is part of a comprehensive loyalty evaluation system that allows us to determine not only the degree of loyalty, but also the reasons that clients recommend the Bank to their friends and family or do not.

The analysis of the relationship of satisfaction and importance of service parameters by mapping the client priorities helps us to focus on the changes in the service experience that are of the greatest importance for the client.

Mystery Shopping

We hold a quarterly Mystery Shopping study, which provides for regular monitoring of service quality and objective assessment of the level of client servicing in offices.
Mystery shoppers who visit the offices evaluate several blocks of service:
•    the quality of interpersonal interaction (friendliness, courtesy of staff to visitors and the desire to help others);
•    the competence of the personnel in sales (e.g., provision of information and arguments during counseling);
•    staff compliance with service standards at every stage of communication (e.g., meeting the client, working with objections, cash);
•    the appearance and behavior of staff in the department;
•    operating standards (for example, the service area).

The results allow us not only to assess our compliance with service standards, but also to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the work of staff, determine their motivation and identify the processes that need improvement.