Our Bank is socially responsible organisation that makes its contribution into development of the Ukrainian society via its own projects, participating in sponsorship and charitable programmes that improve the Ukrainians’ level of life, while opening new possibilities for them. The priority fields for Bank’s social investments are education, its quality and affordability, health via support of medical institutions and sport initiatives, support of people on lower incomes, children in particular, and environment, starting from organizing office space of the Bank to arranging cleaning of the territories of our native cities and towns.

Earth Hour

In 2017, our Bank joined the world ecological initiative Earth Hour that is traditionally on the last Saturday or the one before the last Saturday of March. This day, all branches and offices of our Bank turn off the light for one hour in order to attract attention of the society to the ecological problems of our planet.

Eco Office

Taking care of the environment and the future of our planet, our Bank is constantly moving forward implementing ecological initiatives on the working places of our employees. Among Eco Office initiatives are waste sorting, gradual refuse from plastic plates and dishes, encouraging thermo cups use at coffee points of the Head Office in Kyiv, collecting batteries for their further utilization and decrease of paper use.


From 2016, in April-May, the employees of our Bank throughout Ukraine participate in the project ECODAY. Within the ecological initiative they clean up public leisure areas, parks, children playgrounds, sites by rivers and lakes, make their contribution into urban gardens of their cities. The number of project participants is growing every year. In 2019, the initiative reached 66 cities and towns. In Kyiv project in particular, that took place in Kyiv park Nyvky, about 400 employees took part. They gathered 3 tons of wastes and 12 tons of leaves. The year before this figure exceeded 10 tons as well.