Our Bank is socially responsible organisation that makes its contribution into development of the Ukrainian society via its own projects, participating in sponsorship and charitable programmes that improve the Ukrainians’ level of life, while opening new possibilities for them. The priority fields for Bank’s social investments are education, its quality and affordability, health via support of medical institutions and sport initiatives, support of people on lower incomes, children in particular, and environment, starting from organizing office space of the Bank to arranging cleaning of the territories of our native cities and towns.

#Osvitabezmezh (#EducationWithoutBorders)

From 2018, our Bank makes a special focus on education and encourages all people to study during the whole life. Within this initiative, in September of 2018 and in May of 2019, the General Manager of the Bank, Ivan Svitek, had a number of mentoring meetings with the students of Executive MBA and Senior Executive MBA programmes by the International Management Institute. The Bank has also been involved into renewal and expansion of the portfolio of the educative computer business simulations for use in MBA and Pre-MBA programmes.

In November, 2018, Mr Svitek spoke before the students of Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) at the meeting #KSE_Business_Insights at Kyiv School of Economics. Moreover, in 2019, our Bank supported KSE library, granting educational literature to it and subscription for the respected world business edition for managers – Harward Business Review. As of September 1, 2019, our Bank presented 40 books to the library.

World Savings Day in Ukraine

From 2017, our Bank participates in the project World Savings Day in Ukraine that is initiated by the National Banks Association of Ukraine every year. There are events, devoted to increase of trust to the bank sector and of the level of financial literacy of young people within the project. In particular, our Bank organizes interactive lectures and excursions for employees’ kids.

Financial Literacy Marathon

Annually, since 2016, on the eve of the International Day for Protection of Children, volunteers of our Bank organise Financial Literacy Marathon. Within the initiative, the employees visit orphanages and boarding schools and conduct financial literacy classes for kids there, communicate and play with them. The goal of the Marathon is to teach kids to plan their personal budget carefully, avoid financial mistakes, navigate banking products, use financial instruments (payment cards, online transfers or payments etc.) and escape financial frauds. The project covers children from all over Ukraine. For years of its implementation, about 800 children participated to the classes on financial literacy.

Forum West

In 2019, our Bank became the partner of HDpartners via support of Forum West - a number of niche business events the target audience of which is legal entities. Our experts do not only participate in discussions during the event, but also conduct lectures, based on their knowledge and professional practical experience.