Sponsorship Projects

Sponsorship Projects

Alfa-Bank Ukraine realizes that the welfare of the country is based not only on the economic stability and growth, but also, to a large extent, on the level of development of culture in society. Therefore, the Bank supports projects aimed at development of the national culture and art, as well as strengthening of international cultural relations. Since 2011, Alfa-Bank Ukraine has been a permanent partner of the International Jazz Festival Alfa Jazz Fest, a large-scale open-air musical event, held annually in Lviv in early June. Traditionally, during the festival the city turns into the jazz capital of Eastern Europe. Annually Alfa Jazz Fest is visited by about 30,000 guests from Ukraine and abroad. Three stages of the festival host more than 100 musicians from different countries, over 20 concerts, and the ceremony of Eddie Rosner’s International Music Award Alfa Jazz Fest Awards. The concert program is composed in such a way that one can visit all the performances, walking around the city, from stage to stage. All headliners of the festival always perform on the main stage located in the Park of culture named after Bohdan Khmelnytskyi. Alfa Jazz Fest has ambitious plans, to become a significant annual festival, comparable by the level of the best European musical events in Jurmala, San Remo, and Montreux. We are confident the Alfa Jazz Fest has become a worthy beginning of the festival summer in Europe, and we are pleased that Alfa-Bank Ukraine has the opportunity to be a partner of such a large-scale cultural project. We are honored to present to ancient Lviv, its residents and guests throughout Ukraine a beautiful summer weekend in the best traditions of European musical meetings.

Sponsorship Projects Archive

Alfa-Bank Ukraine became a partner of the Public Lectures Polit.ua social project 

From September to December 2010 Alfa-Bank Ukraine was a partner of the Public Lectures social project, organized by the information-analytical portal Polit.ua. The format of the project involves the creation of a platform for discussions on topical and socially relevant themes. The lectures were attended by leading scientists, experts and artists from Ukraine, Russia and other countries.
“The Public Lectures Polit.ua project was launched in Ukraine in autumn 2009. During this time, more than thirty well-known Ukrainian and Russian scientists, artists and public figures, i.e. historians, linguists, sociologists, economists, philosophers and writers spoke on our scene. The political situation may vary, but it is clear that the scientific and humanitarian dialogue between the two countries was never interrupted. Our task is to provide a platform for such a dialogue, serious, profound, helping the people of Russia and Ukraine to better understand each other's past and present and the future of our world," said Vera Kholmohorova, the editor in chief of Polit.ua.
"Alfa-Bank Ukraine actively supports projects promoting the social and cultural development of society, said Viktoria Mikhalyo, Chairman of the Board of Alfa-Bank Ukraine. The public lectures promise to become an important communication platform for discussion of a wide range of issues. The project, which formed the basis of the Public Lectures Polit.ru initiative, has existed in Russia for more than six years and has established itself as an important social project laying the groundwork for formation of the civil position.”

Alfa-Bank Ukraine introduced an all-Ukrainian tour of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk "At Night"

From March 6 to April 9, 2009, with the support of Alfa-Bank Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian tour of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk was held with a new musical project, "At Night".
The program included 11 songs from the album of the same name, as well as the remade hits of "Okean Elzy". The tour was performed by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, musicians of "OE", well-known jazz, classical and folk music performers and a string orchestra.
The musical project "At Night", which was born as a creative experiment, continues, changes and evolves. The autumn presentation and release of the same name plate attracted considerable interest among audiences from all over Ukraine. Therefore, the next step in the project was a nationwide tour, which lasted more than a month and was held in 15 cities: Kyiv (6.03), Odesa (11.03), Chernivtsi (14.03), Ternopil (17.03), Lviv (16.03), Rivne (18.03) Ivano-Frankivsk (19.03), Sumy (23.03), Donetsk (1.04), Zaporizhzhia (3.04), Poltava (4.04), Kryvyi Rih (5.04), Dnipropetrovsk (6.04), Kharkiv (7.04) and Chernihiv (9.04).
The author of most songs is Svyatoslav Vakarchuk; two songs were written jointly with "OE" musicians. The "At Night" program is difficult to attribute to one style. It has everything, from jazz to reggae. Despite the fact that the song "At Night" does not meet the pop-format, the album is targeted at a mass audience. The name, voice and melody of compositions characteristic only of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk allowed the fans of Ukrainian music to become acquainted with new music forms.
Svyatoslav Vakarchuk:
"I'm glad that the music "At Night" attracted those who know how to think and feel. We have received a large number of totally different feedbacks and felt that there was a need for direct communication with the audience at concerts."
Roman Shpeck, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Alfa Bank Ukraine:
"In 2008, Alfa-Bank Ukraine supported the presentation of the At Night project by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and a concert in Uzhgorod. The resonance, as it was named, was an additional indication that such an extraordinary and interesting project, i.e. the self-expression of several dozens of musicians and performers, echoed in the hearts of many Ukrainians. So when there was a question, "Are we going together in a concert tour around the cities of Ukraine?" we immediately agreed. Due to this fact the album, which combines different styles of music, was heard in many parts of Ukraine."
Promotion of arts and the national cultural projects is a priority for social activities of Alfa-Bank Ukraine. With the support of Alfa Bank Ukraine, Kyiv was visited by the world-famous cultural figures, Maurice Bejart, Chris de Burgh, Yuri Bashmet and the chamber ensemble "Moscow Soloists". In March 2000, the National Academic Drama Theatre of Ivan Franko hosted a premiere of "Everybody Loves" with involvement of famous actors, Lia Akhedzhakova and Bogdan Stupka, and in 2003, after a 25-year hiatus, the National Academic Theatre of Russian Drama of Lesia Ukrainka ha  great success in Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Dniprodzerzhynsk and Nikopol. In December 2007, Alfa-Bank Ukraine supported the tour of the Moscow theater "Contemporary" under the guidance of the artistic director, People's Artist of the USSR, Galina Volchek, with the premiere play of Rabbit Love Story with wonderful actors in the lead roles, People's Artist of Russia Valentin Gaft and Nina Doroshina, in Kyiv.
Alfa-Bank Ukraine, as a member of the organizing committee of the International Bulgakov Arts Festival takes an active part in this cultural event.
In September 2006, together with Velyka Krayina NGO, the Bank acted as the organizer of a national cultural project "Great people of the great country. Lviv", dedicated to the 750th anniversary of the city.

The first public presentation of the musical project of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk "At Night" in Uzhgorod

On December 15, with the support of Alfa-Bank Ukraine, the Transcarpathian Regional Musical Drama Theater hosted the first public presentation of the new musical project of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, "At Night".
The music and lyrics for most of the songs was written mostly by Svyatoslav, but the arrangements were done by a real creative laboratory composed of more than thirty musicians. None of the album songs can be attributed to a particular musical style; they have everything from jazz to reggae.
The first public presentation of the album "At Night" in Uzhgorod was attended by the musicians of "Okean Elzy" and guest jazz, classical and folk music performers, including the String Orchestra of the Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic Theater.
Among the first to get acquainted with the new work of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk were the clients of Alfa-Bank Ukraine in Uzhgorod and Mukachevo. Thus, during the period from 5 to 31 December 2008, upon execution of a "Sprint" or "Megapribyl" deposit, each depositor received a music CD of Vakarchuk’s "At Night". Also, eight winners of the draw, which took place on 12 December 2008 in the department of Alfa-Bank Ukraine, got tickets for the first concert in Uzhgorod.  

The 7th International Bulgakov Arts Festival

The International Bulgakov Arts Festival is a traditional event in the theatrical life of Kyiv. Launched in 2002, the festival every year gathers more and more lovers of the great masters.
Mikhail Bulgakov is known to the public primarily as the author of "The Master and Margarita," "The White Guard" and "The Heart of a Dog." The seventh festival gave the audience and admirers of the writer a chance to meet with the lesser-known works of the talented author.
Every year the festival announces a unified theme for the readings and the whole festival. In 2008, this topic was the formation of "Author and Theater" a chance. Besides, according to the idea of the festival organizers, each day had its own theme and color. The first day of the festival was held under the theme of "Andreyevskiy-Alekseyevskiy" and was painted white. After the opening ceremony, which was attended by special guests, art producer Jane Raine (UK), Yale University professor Evan Yunolis (USA), Rhode Maklukas (USA), the theater group of the Drama Centre in London (UK), TIFT theater (Canada ), the admirers of the great masters were able to "walk" at St. Andrew’s Descent and look at the house located next door to the House №13 - Theatre at Podol, Kyiv theater, Wheel theater, and One Street Museum, which presented their projects to the audience. Besides, on this day a known Kyiv writer Lada Lusina conducted a guest tour according to the works of Bulgakov, "The White Guard", during which the participants could not only make a fascinating tour of Kyiv, but also look at the city through the eyes of Bulgakov's heroes.
The theme of the second day was the complicated relationships of theaters and authorities. The program was divided into two parts, Bulgakov’s reading, attended by Danylo Yanevskyi, Kira Pitoeva, Les Tanyuk and Vitaliy Zhezhera. The Canadian TIFT theater, within the festival program, showed excerpts from "The Cabal of Hypocrites," and "The Heart of a Dog" project was presented. In the second part the audience had a chance to plunge into the mystical world of jazz. The famous jazz-man Alexey Kozlov brought to the Kyiv public his project, jazz performance "Two Oberiuts."
On the final day of the 7th International Festival of Arts, the admirers of Mikhail Bulgakov's productions were presented the plays with the participation of Aleksandr Parr (Sphere Theater, Moscow) and Drama Centre in London (UK).
In 2008, the festival program was attended not only by professional theater groups from the UK, USA, Russia, Georgia, but also by amateurs for the first time. A few weeks before the festival the organizing committee announced a contest in which the fans of Mikhail Bulgakov could take part.
The bank staff was not only able to visit the events during the festival, but also take an active part in it. Therefore, for the Theatre Club members of Alfa-Bank Ukraine a famous American actor, director, theater critic Rod Maklukas held a master class "Body language and gestures in classical theater in Europe of the 18th and 19th centuries."

National cultural project "Great people of the great country. Lviv"

September 29, 2006

The national cultural project "Great people of the great country. Lviv", organized by the Velyka Krayina NGO, together with Alfa-Bank Ukraine, was timed to coincide with the 750th anniversary of the city.
The aim of the project was the research, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage of Ukraine, strengthening the image of Lviv as one of the centers of European culture.
The ceremonies of the "Great people of the great country. Lviv" project has taken place on September 29, 2006 in Lviv. Krushelnytska National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre hosted the concert of the world-renowned violist, People's Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR and Russia Yuri Bashmet with Chamber Orchestra "Moscow Soloists" and the opera diva, the soloist of the New York City Opera Oksana Krovytska. Lviv Opera collected famous Lviv residents who currently live in different cities and countries, i.e. famous musicians and writers, artists and athletes, theater and film stars, famous directors and architects. Roman Viktyuk, Bohdan Stupka, Simon Osiashvili, Renat Ibrahimov, Borys Woźnicki, Tadej Eder, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Leonid Yarmolnik, Serhiy Kiseliov, Valentyn Shestopalov, Larysa Kadyrova and many others congratulated the hometown.
At a press conference held before the concert, the organizers and participants shared their impressions. The chairman of the Board of Directors of the Alfa Group Consortium, Mikhail Fridman said: "All those who were born, grew up, lived and studied in Lviv, leaving for other places, feel the influence of this city. There was always a spirit of freedom, a cosmopolitan spirit. This city gave the world many wonderful people, and it is no coincidence. Its walls, cobblestone streets have some kind of magic; this energy of a clash of cultures, peoples and times gives a magical effect. And that’s because I am convinced that Lviv will continue to make its contribution to the world culture."
Oksana Krovytska gratefully turned to his hometown: "Here is my spirit and my roots. Lviv is the city of dreams and a unique atmosphere. I am happy that I was born and grew up here."
"I have a feeling that this is where it all started, here I wanted everything, to engage in the profession that I do in life, do not be like everyone else. It is a city of artists. Here it is easier to write, easier to fantasize, is easier to dream. Low bow to Lviv and low bow to people who staged today's holiday," said Leonid Yarmolnik.
Roman Viktyuk and Bohdan Stupka noticed that, while giving theatrical tours around the world, they always remain faithful to the homeland and are Lviv residents in soul.
After the concert in the Lviv Art Gallery "Potocki Palace", an outstanding cultural monument of the city, a gala reception for guests and heroes of the project was arranged.
For Alfa Bank Ukraine the participation in the "Great people of the great country. Lviv" Lviv is a continuation of the tradition of philanthropy. For many years, the Bank has been organizing and supporting large-scale cultural events in the regions where it operates, among which Lviv has a special place. The year of the opening of the regional office of the Bank coincided with the 750th anniversary of the city.

A tour of the State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble under the direction of Igor Moiseyev 

On December 20, 2005 the National Opera of Ukraine, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of Igor Moiseyev, hosted a concert of the Russian State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble under the direction of Igor Moiseyev. The organizer of the concert was Alfa-Bank Ukraine.
People's Artist of the USSR, a Hero of Socialist Labor, a multiple winner of the Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR and the Russian Federation, the first prize winner of the Moscow Government "Legend of the Century", the holder of more than 30 Russian and foreign awards, Igor Moiseyev is a unique personality in the world choreographic culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. He is the only choreographer who, being 100 years old, continued the creative activities and successfully led the young and mobile troupe of the State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble. It is recognized by the world ballet critics and experts as incomparable by level and diversity of choreographic repertoire and professional skill level of artists. Igor Moiseyev was the founder, artistic director of the same ensemble and director of all dances for 70 years.
Ukrainian viewers got their first opportunity to see one of the favorite performances of Moiseyev, the "Night on Lysa Gora" ballet, based on the works of Nikolai Gogol and the music of Mussorgsky, and the "Dances of the World" program. The concert of the group in the hometown of its founder was held after nearly 30-year hiatus.
The repertoire of the creative team has always including a variety of Ukrainian folklore dances, which contributed to the popularization of Ukrainian culture in the world. Hopak, Hutsul dance Arkan, and "Vesnyanky" play have become a decoration of ensemble concert programs.
Igor Moiseyev created a unique and unparalleled on the world stage processing method of folklore, and was the author of a new genre of performing arts, folk stage choreography. Moiseyev’s dance school is recognized around the world and today is the basis for the education of the younger generation of choreographers and dancers in many countries.
The dances of the peoples of the world, including the Russian dance "Summer", Kalmyk dance, Ajaria "Khorumi", Moldovan "Hora", "Chiokyrliya" and "Joc", play Latin American x shepherds "Gaucho" and Greek suite "Sirtaki" aroused the enthusiasm of Ukrainian viewers. The climax of the concert was the "Night on Lysa Hora" ballet. Speaking before an admired audience, the Director of the ensemble, the Honored Artist of Russia Elena Shcherbakova announced the words of welcome of Igor Aleksandrovich Moiseyev to his hometown and thanked Alfa-Bank Ukraine for giving the ensemble an opportunity to come to Ukraine after such a long break.
"The creative longevity of Igor Moiseyev and flawless form, skill and brilliance of his dance group are equally shocking, said Yevgeniy Berezovskiy, the Director of Corporate Business of Alfa-Bank JSC. We are pleased to be involved in the organization of such a bright and long-awaited by Ukrainian audience event."
And in May 2006, by the Decree of the President of Ukraine, Igor Moiseyev was awarded the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise for his outstanding contribution to the development of cultural relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation and many years of selfless artistic activity. The initiator of the award was Alfa-Bank Ukraine. The high state award was given to the wife of Igor Aleksandrovich in the Concert Hall of Tchaikovsky in Moscow during the ensemble performance.

The tour of Yuri Bashmet and the chamber ensemble "Moscow Soloists" in Kyiv 

On September 20, 2004 the Kyiv National Opera of Ukraine, with the support of Alfa-Bank Ukraine and TNK-Ukraine Trade House hosted a concert of the People's Artist of the USSR, People's Artist of Russia, laureate of State Prize of the USSR and Russia, Yuri Bashmet and the chamber ensemble "Moscow Soloists". The concert was also attended by the winner of international competitions, Ksenia Bashmet.
The concert included the works by D. Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, N. Paganini, and T. Takemitsu.
Yuri Bashmet has special cordial relations with Ukraine; he spent his childhood and youth in Lviv. Many years of the fruitful creative activity of the musician and his contribution to the development of cultural relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation have been highly appreciated. On the eve of the concert the President of Ukraine, during a private meeting with Yuri Bashmet, awarded him the Order of Ukraine "For merits” of the III degree. The President also visited the concert.
Yuri Bashmet can be included in the brightest personalities of the modern music world, whose unique talent, courage and artistry cause delight of many fans. He is one of the few musicians who have received worldwide recognition and credibility due to the masterly skill and brilliant conductor's activities.
"Helping to organize the concert of such a wonderful team led by the great maestro is definitely nice and a great honor for us," said the member of the Board of Directors of "Alfa-Bank" (Russia), Aleksandr Gafin, at the press conference before the concert.
"Continuing the best traditions of Alfa-Group in Ukraine in terms of sponsorship and charity, we were delighted to participate in the organization of concert of Yuri Bashmet and Moscow Soloists in Kyiv", said the Chairman of the Board of Alfa-Bank OJSC (Ukraine), Andrey Snegirev.
For the first time in the world performing practice, Yuri Bashmet gave solo viola concerts in such venues as the Carnegie Hall (New York), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Barbican (London), Berlin Philharmonic, La Scala (Milan), the Great Hall of the Conservatory in Moscow and the Great Hall of the Leningrad Philharmonic. As a soloist and conductor, he has performed with leading symphony orchestras in the world, has collaborated with the outstanding musicians and artists, such as S. Richter, M. Rostropovich, I. Stern, A-C. Mutter, G. Kremer and many others. The contemporary composers, especially for Yuri Bashmet, wrote more than 50 viola concertos and other works.
According to the General Director of TNK-Ukraine Trade House LLC, Sergei Lizunov, "the performance of such an unsurpassed musician of our time as Yuri Bashmet is always a significant event in the cultural life of our country. Therefore, the TNK-Ukraine TH LLC is very pleased to sponsor the concert of Yuri Bashmet and the Moscow Soloists ensemble".
The chamber ensemble Moscow Soloists, created by Yuri Bashmet, united the most talented young musicians of Russia, graduates and post-graduates of the Moscow Conservatory. Today, it is difficult to imagine the full artistic life not only in Russia but also in many countries and continents without this group. The ensemble has performed successfully on the stages of many famous and prestigious concert halls, Carnegie Hall in New York and the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and Suntory Hal" in Tokyo, Barbican in London and Tivoli in Copenhagen, the Berlin Philharmonic and Wellington (New Zealand).

Concert of Chris de Burg in Kiev

On April 8, 2003 the National Palace Ukraine in Kyiv, with the support of Alfa Bank Ukraine, hosted a solo concert of Chris de Burgh within his world tour, timed to coincide with the release of the new album, Timing Is Everything.
The artist belongs to that small circle of musicians for whom the value of their creativity causes no doubt among millions of fans around the world. He is one of those to whom the international success came from the very first single and continues for several decades. In Ukraine, the premier album also sparked the interest of the very broad audience.
The name of the new album, Timing Is Everything, reflects the philosophy of life of Chris de Burg and preaches the basic idea of the need to be sensitive and to choose the right moments of life for timely implementation of the plan. The album includes 11 new songs, including the vivid stories, powerful hymns and heartfelt ballads, and attracts with a new modern and dynamic sound. All songs were written with extraordinary ease and speed, which is reflected both in vocal performance and the mood of the album as a whole.
In addition to the new songs, the most famous and favorite songs from different years were performed during the concert. The artist was accompanied by an ensemble of soloists of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, which endowed the concert with a unique warm atmosphere.
Support of art is one of the priorities of cultural and educational activities of Alfa-Bank Ukraine.

The premiere of the "Oh, musketeers, musketeers" musical

On December 21, 2003 with the financial support of Alfa-Bank Ukraine, the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre hosted the premiere of the "Oh, musketeers, musketeers ..." musical. The performance was staged based on the play by Yevgeny Yevtushenko, who, according to the famous novel of Alexandre Dumas created the original version of the well-known stories, having supplemented them with a subtle sense of the present. The story of insidious intrigues of Louis XIV, thanks to the play author's imagination, is closer to the viewer, having made it ponder again on the eternal categories of honor, dignity and love. The stage director is the Honored Artist of Ukraine, Dmytro Chyrypyuk. The music was written by Yuriy Shevchenko. The play solution in the form of the musical made it bright and spectacular. The audience appreciated the plastic and vocal performances of the new productions. As noted by Yevgeniy Yevtushenko, who attended the premiere, the director and the actors managed to reflect the author's intent and the basic ideas of the play even more fully. The first project in Ukraine was the arrival of the ballet troupe of Maurice Bejart in Kyiv in 1999, organized with the support of Alfa Capital Ukraine. Then, in 2000, the tour of a theatrical production of the "Old World Love" with Bohdan Stupka and Lea Akhedzhakova had a success. This project was fully funded by Alfa-Bank Ukraine. The National Philharmonic of Ukraine hosted a concert of the soloist of the National Opera, Irina Semenenko, and winner of the international piano competitions, Vadim Rudenko, timed to the 10th anniversary of Ukraine's independence, supported by the Bank. Welcoming the revival of the tradition of annual competitions of florists in Kyiv, Alfa-Bank Ukraine awarded the cash prizes to the winners of the International Competition of Florists "Kyiv Spring - 2002", which were transferred to VISA in Kyiv. The Bank has been actively involved in the activities of Bulgakov Festival in April 2003, organized a tour of Chris de Burg in Kyiv. Alfa-Bank Ukraine has two years of successful cooperation with the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama named after Lesia Ukrainka: the scholarships to the theater actors are established, the financial assistance in the organization of tours in Donetsk (April 2003), Dnipropetrovsk, Dnidzerzhynsk and Nikopol (November 2003) was provided, and the funds for staging of "My Mocking Happiness" according to the letters of A.P. Chekhov were allocated.

Cooperation with the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama named after Lesia Ukrainka 

Cooperation of Alfa-Bank Ukraine and the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama named after Lesia Ukrainka began in 2001, when the Bank has established a scholarship for theater actors.
In April 2003, thanks to the financial support of Alfa Bank Ukraine, after a 25-year hiatus, the highly successful tour of the theater took place in Donetsk. On the scene of Donetsk Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre the performances “No. 13 (Manic Night or the Marriage of Pigden)" according to the play of R. Cooney and "The Real Man at the Beginning of the Millennium..." (by T. Dorst involving W. Oehler) were presented and liked by audiences. The event attracted considerable interest of the fans of theatrical art. The tickets for all four days were sold out two weeks before the start of the tour.
The staff of the Donetsk branch of Alfa-Bank CJSC had a unique opportunity to meet with leading theater actors involved in the touring productions, Natalia Dolia, Viktor Saraykin, Kiril Kashlikov, who were invited.
The Bank also provided financial assistance in organizing the ensemble tours in Dnipropetrovsk, Dniprodzerzhynsk and Nikopol, which took place in November 2003 after more than a 20-year hiatus. The viewers had the opportunity to see the best performances of the Russian Drama Theater, including "Mrs. Minister”, based on B. Nušić, “№ 13 (Manic Night of Marriage of Pigden)" based on the play by R. Cooney, "The Real Man is at the Beginning of the Millennium..." (by T. Dorst involving W. Oehler), "Dear Liar" based on Bernard Shaw and John Kilti, "The Last Passionately in Love" based on the play by H. Simon, "Leaning Tower" based on the play by N. Pushkin, "What Happened to the Indifferent Handsome" based on J. Cocteau's "Indifferent Handsome" and E. Albee" What Happened at the Zoo."
In October 2003, with financial support from Alfa-Bank Ukraine, the theater hosted the premiere of "My Mocking Happiness" according to the letters of Anton Chekhov in the framework of the Year of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and the preparation for the year of Anton Chekhov, declared by UNESCO in 2004 year.
To work on the play by Leonid Malyugina, the Honored Artist of Russia, stage director David Borovsky, a leading actor of the Maly Theatre of Russia, and People’s Artist of Russia Vyacheslav Ezepov and director, general director, and artistic director of Theatre of Russian Drama named after Lesia Ukrainka, People's Artist of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Reznikovich were invited. This performance has seen the stage of the Russian Drama Theatre twice. For the first time it happened in 1966. The performance staged then had the same success on the scene for 18 years.
"We are very glad to cooperate with Alfa-Bank Ukraine, whose work for us is a confirmation of the brightest philanthropy in the culture in the good old traditions", says CEO, the artistic director of the National Academic Theatre of Russian Drama named after Lesia Ukrainka, the People's Artist of Ukraine, the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Mikhail Reznikovich. 

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