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For your convenience, we offer a complete list of all documents required for registration services at Alfa Bank.

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Contract complex banking service

Typical public agreement on the provision of services for cash management services, connection and maintenance of the system "Client-Bank", deposit services, regular payments, work with corporate cards, overdrafts from changing financing limit, SMS / e-mai information on cash flow on the account.

Read the full text of the public part of the Comprehensive Banking Contract 

Public offer of Alfa-Bank JSC for the conclusion of an agreement on comprehensive banking services effective from 01/09/2018

Appendix No. 3 Rules for using the PC effective from 01/09/2018

Appendix № 4 Conditions for opening a current account and settlement servicing effective from 01/09/2018

Appendix №5 Service of the system Client Bank effective from 01/09/2018

Appendix №6 Conditions for opening of the RKO of accounts of the EPZ, issuance of corporate cards effective from 01/09/2018

Appendix No. 7 Conditions for Deposits and Deposits effective from 01/09/2018

Annex №8 Short-term loan Overdraft effective from 01/09/2018

Appendix № 9 effective from 01/09/2018

Appendix №10 Payment acceptance conditions effective from 01/09/2018

Appendix № 11 Conditions for accepting payments effective from 01/09/2018

Annex №12 Trading Acquiring Terms effective from 01/09/2018

Documents for the individual - entrepreneur:

1. Opening current account

Documents required for opening a current account

Signature card

Documents for legal entities:

1. Opening of the current account:

Documents required for opening a current account

Signature card and seal

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