We are among the leading banks in corporate and retail segments, investment business, and are expanding in the segment of small and medium enterprises, offering our customers innovative solutions combined with high quality of service.

We live our mission of satisfying the daily financial needs of our customers by providing excellent service and easy financial solutions, and the latest services that make things easier and save time for the important in their lives.

We continue our development in Ukraine’s banking market in line with our shareholders’ long-term view of their investment and aim at strengthening our stand in the TOP-10 banks, by developing integrally as well as, perhaps, by means of acquisitions.Alfa-Bank Ukraine continues to develop as a sustainable universal bank, a local bank that belongs to a privately owned Luxembourg-based investment holding company investing into several banking groups in the CIS and Europe.

We aim to be not only among the largest, but of the most high-quality banks of the industry by loan portfolio and service excellence.