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Realizing that investment in qualified personnel is the basis of a long-term success, we create a team of professionals, take care of raising their qualification, encouragement, social protection and dedication to corporate values.
Alfa-Bank invites banking specialists to work in Kyiv and regional offices of the bank. To file a job application, you can send your CV:

  • by fax: +38 044 490–46–01, 490–46–05;
  • by e-mail:;

Sending a CV and/or any similar letters at the addresses of Alfa-Bank PJSC specified on this website, I voluntarily give Alfa-Bank PJSC my written unconditional and irrevocable consent to processing of my data (contained in CV sent to Alfa-Bank PJSC), including commitment of any actions and/or cumulative actions connected with collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, alteration, renewal, use and distribution (disclosure, disposal, transfer), anonymization, destruction of my personal data for my employment.

Amount of my personal data which is processed and may be included in personal data base of Alfa-Bank PJSC shall be determined as any information about me contained in a CV sent to Alfa-Bank PJSC which has become known to Alfa-Bank PJSC upon receipt of my CV.
My consent to processing of my personal data does not require Alfa-Bank PJSC to notify of transfer of my personal data to third parties according to Article 21 of the Law of Ukraine On Personal Data Protection.

I confirm that I understand my rights determined by the Law of Ukraine On Personal Data Protection, as well as the purpose of processing of my personal data, including collection of my personal data. I agree that the period of processing of my personal data is unlimited.

Alfa-Bank Human Resources Department 
Fax: (044) 490-46-01

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