Our Values: “We Appreciate Our Customers”, “We Work As A Team”, “We Are Aimed at Results”, “And We Are Striving To Be Better”.

We Appreciate Our Customers

  • We create only positive impressions for our customers by offering the simplest, clearest and most convenient solutions.
  • We build honest relations of partnership.
  • We hear the customer and anticipate his or her needs.    

We Are Striving To Be Better

  • We lead, not follow the others.
  • We grow and help our colleagues grow.
  • We assist in development of our customers, by offering unique technologies, our expertise and best practices.    

We Work As A Team

  • We are convinced that our team is the whole Bank.
  • We make an individual contribution to our common activities.
  • We treat our colleagues with respect and always strive to help each other.

We Are Aimed at Results

  • We focus on important things.
  • We are constantly searching for new profitable ideas.
  • We achieve the objectives set.    

Codecs of Ethics

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