Letters of credit

Letters of credit

Consideration of the settlement parties interests, reliability and guarantees

Documentary letter of credit is an obligation of the bank that issued the letter of credit for the Buyer (Applicant) to make payment in favour of the Seller (Beneficiary) in a specified amount, upon condition that the Beneficiary provided the documents required by the letter of credit in due time.

The letter of credit payment method has proved in practice to be a reliable tool to protect the commercial interests of all participants of an international operation and minimize financial risks.

The Bank issues:

irrevocable (unconfirmed/confirmed/with discounting) letter of creditletter of credit with "red warning" etc.
transferable letter of creditcovered and uncovered letter of credit
standby letter of creditrevolving letter of credit

Advantages of the letter of credit payment method:

the possibility for Supplier to receive a trade credit under the letter of credit or a bank loan secured by the letter of credit revenueeffecting payments only after the detailed verification of all required documents that confirm the fulfillment of the letter of credit terms by the Beneficiary
the possibility of establishing additional terms (a list of documents, timing, etc.) of the contract fulfillmentdeclaration of funds before the beginning to work with the new international counterpart
operations reliability regulated by international standardsraising of the low-cost short-term funding
credit risks minimizationthe possibility of entering new markets 

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Tariff plan for documentary and guarantee operations