Bank guarantees

Bank guarantees

Relevant bank support — irrevocable bank liabilities

Bank guarantee is a way to enforce the obligations under which the guarantor bank gives a written commitment to pay the Beneficiary funds for the Principal in the event of the Principal’s default under the payment claiming by the Beneficiary.

The Alfa-Bank has a long experience with the trade finance and is ready to provide if requested by the client:

payment guarantee to secure payment obligations contractual obligations guarantee advance payment refund guarantee
tender guarantee/tender conditions fulfillment guarantee other guarantees (of quality, etc.) securing the tour operators obligations 

Benefits to the Buyer:

engaging new sellers to cooperationdeposit as a collateral

saving of funding costs increase of purchases
the possibility to receive a trade credit extension of a deferred payment term

Advantages for the Seller:

increasing the number of potential buyers receiving funds in the form of advance payment risks reduction in providing trade credit to buyers

For more information about the service please contact your personal manager.

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