Cash gaps cover with granting a trade credit to the contractors

Factoring – is a service mix for manufacturers and Suppliers that are engaged in commerce on trade credit terms. Bank provides the supplier with funding under the assignment of monetary claims to Buyer, and also grants facilities of receivables management.

Benefits for Suppliers

inflow of up to 90% of accounts receivable to the current account reduction of the current risks associated with the trade credit (currency, inflation, liquidity risks)
no cash gaps possibility of cash flow planning
turnover acceleration increased profitability

Benefits for the Buyer

purchase of goods with a trade credit increased volume of purchases without additional risks and costs
possibility of part discharge  

The conditions of factoring financing

trade credit for 15 to 90 days financing overdue receivables
financing currency — hryvnia limit period — up to 12 months
advance payment — up to 90% of delivery value price — according to the factoring agreement


Electronic factoring – is a service, is a service, which allows to accelerate the process of obtaining factoring financing by Supplier, as well as to save on delivery of documents to Bank.

If Supplier plans or already uses an electronic document flow with an electronic-digital signature to confirm the delivery of goods to Buyers, then Electronic Factoring will allow you to quickly and safely replenish working capital of the company.

How Electronic Factoring works

  1. Buyer receives of goods from Supplier
  2. Supplier creates of electronic invoice
  3. Supplier and Buyer subscribes of invoice by electronic digital signature
  4. Supplier sends to Bank register of invoices Electronic data interchange platform for factoring
  5. Bank gives to Supplier of receivables finance
  6. Buyer pays of goods by money transferring to bank’s account

For more information about the service please contact your personal manager or fill out the form.

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