Effective financing of the specific needs at the right time — the optimal solution for seasonal business or fulfilling an important contract

Deposit-secured loan is a fast and effective solution in the form of a loan charged upon property rights to funds on a deposit account and / or coverage account.


Provision of financing secured by third parties fundsMinimum documents to get a loanQuick loan approval


Credit line is a bank product for clients with an active business, whose sustainable development depends on maximum working capital utilization in business operations. Depending on the operating cycles and production needs lending is carried out in the form of revolving, nonrevolving and multi-currency credit lines:

Revolving credit line means that as soon as the previously issued disbursement or its part is repaid, renewal of the set credit line limit takes place.

Nonrevolving credit line means that the business financing is carried out through the issuance of disbursements within the set credit line limit. With the repayment of previously issued disbursement or its part, renewal of the set credit line limit does not take place.

Multi-currency credit line can be opened to make payments both in national and foreign currencies within the same credit line.


Wide range of credit line types and tailored approach to scheduling repaymentsFlexible form of financingNo need to provide additional documents for the disbursement registration

For more information about the service please contact your account manager.

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