Unique Alfa-Smart-Pay service aims to simplify and facilitate your company’s settlements with contractors and operations with cash sales revenue

Unique Alfa-Smart-Pay service is designed to simplify and facilitate your company’s settlements with contractors and operations with cash sales revenue. This special technology solution enables businesses to accept payments from individuals and entrepreneurs or transfer sales revenue on their premises to a special bank electronic storage (self-service terminal) in a quick, easy, convenient and secure way without collectors and bank cash employees.

The service technology provides an interaction between a Client’s ERP-system and the Bank systems. If a Client sets up a bill or an expenditure invoice in his accounting system, it will automatically create a pay-cash document in the Bank system. It is possible to set up the register of payments.

A unique number printed in an expenditure invoice or assigned to the company cashier serves as an ID to search a payment document or register at the terminal. Entering an ID in the terminal screen allows the payer to find and make a payment.

After depositing money, the Client’s ERP-system receives information about the payment / revenue transfer, and the funds are credited to his current account online.

Alfa-Smart-Pay service provides an automatic execution of the following operations:

Acceptance of payments from individuals and business entities (payers) for the benefit of the enterprise for goods/works/servicesRepaying loans and installments for the goods (realty/car) purchased, reception of the revenue from product distributors
Sales revenue transferAcceptance of the rental payments and sales revenue

Alfa-Smart-Pay functions


Essential benefits:

Instant funds crediting to the company current accountDriving down use of resources for the interaction with the fiscal service
In case of using the Payment reception functional you can totally forget about cash drawers and cash discipline, cost savings on cashiers maintenance and cash logisticsIn case of using the Revenue transfer functional you save the cashiers’ time for re-count, cash handling and preparation to the cash logistics

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