Client-Bank iFOBS

Client-Bank iFOBS

Full range of remote banking services with different access channels

Client-Bank iFOBS is a software solution which provides the clients with a full range of remote banking services through different access channels.

iFOBS supports:

Making money transfers between accounts in all currenciesReceiving specified information about cashflows and account balances
Reviewing the sent payments statusSubmitting applications to sell and purchase foreign currency
Import and export of payment documents to and from the accounting systems (1C, SAP)Depositing a salary onto employees’ card accounts
Exchanging documents with the bank online through secure link channelsCreating and reviewing bank statements, sending them to your email
Using additional key carriers security facilities with data encryption function to enter the system and overlay the payment documents with digital signatures (e-Token)Using the OTP-Token (one-time password generator, which improves the security of e-payments) on sending payments

For ease of use, we offer the choice of different system versions:



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