Corporate card

Corporate card

Effective planning and control of business trips and hospitality expenditure

We offer to use international Visa and MasterCard corporate cards which help you and your company to make cash and non-cash payments both in Ukraine and abroad.

Service benefits:

1. No need to purchase foreign currency for overseas trips.

2. Reduced cash and accounting operations of the company.

3. Prompt card recharge ability for the employee who is on a business trip.

4. Reducing the risks and costs, associated with cash obtaining, transporting, storing and delivery.

5. A clear control and planning of business trips and hospitality due to daily information on each card.

6. Cards management through a special Client-Bank iFOBS Corporate Cards module, which provides:

formation of statements in the context of each card for any period

cards blocking

installation of the SMS-notification service

each card spending limit management

CVV-code management

obtaining information on each card balance online

personal project manager

24/7 support hotline

The possibility to use different project schemes through corporate cards:

1. Issue all the cards to one concentration account and set individual spending limit on each card.

2. Issue cards to each individual sub-account with a separate balance.

Tariff packages

Terms corporate cards

Terms corporate cards from 20.01.17


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