Payroll project

Payroll project

Civilized approach to payroll management

Alfa-Bank payroll projects are an effective mechanism to pay wages onto VISA and MasterCard international payment cards. Projects’ terms contain a range of benefits and advantages both for the company and its employees.

For the companies:

1. Full automatization of funds crediting and salary slips formation using the Client-Bank  iFOBS eSalary module. 

2. Allocating the personal salary project manager to the Company (full support, the possibility of their presence on the premises of the company to collect documents, deliver cards, make additional products and services presentations).

For the employees:

1. Free cash withdrawal at ATMs worldwide

2. Free issue of the premium class (Gold, Platinum) chip cards 

3. The Income safe account — a savings account that automatically opens collaterally to the payroll card with a monthly interest charge

4. Financial risks insurance - the option to protect your money in case of theft of the card or its details

5. Round-the-clock support service

6. SMS-reports about online transactions 

7. Free connection to My Alfa-Bank internet banking, which allows to:

 carry out salary card payments and transfers for individuals and legal entities — residents of Ukraine;

 adjust spending limits on cards;

 enable/disable the card CVV-verification;

 open and fund deposits without visiting a bank branch;

 top-up mobile phones online;

 pay utility bills;

 repay loans in Ukrainian banks;

 create their own schedule of mandatory regular payments (mobile, repayments, utility bills, etc.)

 transfer funds from any Ukrainian bank card to any Ukrainian bank card on a real-time basis.


Implementing a payroll project, the Bank offers additional banking services to company’s employees.


Loan services:

1. The Maximum credit card: complimentary Gold class card issue; the required minimum payment 7% per month of the amount of funds used; grace period up to 55 days.

2. Maximum Cash credit card: complimentary Gold class card issue; free cash withdrawals at ATMs located on the territory of Ukraine.

Tariff packages

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