Cash & Liquidity management

Cash & Liquidity management

Progressive tools for automatic monitoring and control of your company’s accounts balance
  • Financial Control Center

    Companies’ accounts management

    create payment orders and set payment limits for the affiliated companies

    Consolidated statements

    on affiliated companies’ accounts

    Payments authorization

    signing settlement documents in the iFOBS system

    Monitoring, control and management of a company’s cashflows, as well as cashflows of subsidiaries and other affiliated entities.

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    Financial Control Center
  • Cash Pooling

    Branches’ accounts management

    Funds consolidation

    Payments authorization

    Automation, concentration and redistribution of funds balances between company’s accounts

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    Cash Pooling
  • Notional pooling



    Settlements concentration

    Intra-group liquidity management through the overdraft interest expense compensation without a real funds movement between company’s accounts

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    Notional pooling