Call deposit

Call deposit

Freedom and profitability

Call deposit is money placed on the deposit account (balance 2 600, 2 650) without specifying the deposit return period. Deposit payoff is made on first demand.

The Bank charges the interest on call deposits from the date of funds receipt to the day, previous to the deposit payoff.


effective managementthe possibility of short-term placementincreased profitability on the balance

Deposit line is a deposit with the possibility of account management using the Client-Bank system. Withdrawal of the deposit takes place on the basis of the payment order. Interests are paid off on a monthly basis, without signing additional agreements and loss of interest. Currency: UAH, USD, EUR

For more information about the service please contact your personal manager.

The cost of the financial service includes commission fees, which are calculated according to the Fees Schedule depending on a number and volume of transactions made by the Client during the reporting period, and expenses incurred by the Client in paying taxes, dues and other mandatory charges payable / withheld by the bank from the interest that is earned by the Client (if the interest is accrued)

Bank Deposit Agreement:

Bank deposit agreement (Deposit Line) from 12.02.2021

Bank deposit agreement (Deposit Line) from 21.02.2020

Bank deposit agreement "Deposit Line" (ACBS) from 25.09.2020