Interbank transactions

Alfa-Bank JSC is one of the major players on the interbank currency market of Ukraine.

To accelerate settlements for interbank transactions with counteragents we recommend to establish mutual limits and enter into general agreement for the procedure of conducting transactions on the interbank market. On the matters of establishing limits and entering into general agreement, please apply to the Department for Financial Institutions.

You may file an application for entering into general agreement specifying types and amounts of scheduled transactions at the following address:

Reporting for establishing limits shall be sent at the following address: 

On the matters of interbank transactions within the framework of general agreement, please apply to the Department for Currency Financial and Money Market Transactions of the Block of Capital Markets.

Additional information:

Counterparty card of "ALFA-BANK" JSC

Tariffs for counterparties banks. Valid from 22.02.2021

Standard settlement instructions of JSC «ALFA-BANK»

List of documents required for signing the general agreement with nonresidents:

- notarized copy of the Charter;

- notarized copy of the license and permit for carrying out bank transactions issued by the Central Bank of the country of its place of registration;

- copy of the legalized or apostilled extract from the commercial, banking or court register or a notarized copy of the state registration certificate issued by the local authority of a foreign country;

- a List of people (hereinafter referred to as the List of account holders), which have the right to dispose an account according to the Legislation of the country of the Party’s registration, containing such mandatory requisites as surname, name, patronymic (if any) of person(s) , as well as his (their) personal signature(s), certified by the signature of the Chief Executive Officer and sealed (if provided) by the Party (in paper form);

- documents (certified by the signature of the authorized person and stamp (if provided) of the Party), confirming the authority of the persons from the List of account holders (power of attorney / orders or other documents for the right to manage the account)

- original of filled in questionnaire;

- copy of the last annual financial statement;

- accounting balance sheet and calculation of economic standards for the last reporting date;

- copy of the power of attorney for the dealers signed by the authorized person and sealed (if applicable) by the Party;

- standard payment instructions.

Financial Institutions
Interbank Business
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Capital Market Department 
Currency Financial and Money Market Transactions
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