Revision Commission

The Revision Commission exercises control over financial and economic activities of Alfa-Bank Ukraine. Inspections are conducted following the deliverables of Bank’s business over the course of the appropriate financial year and in other cases, set out in clauses of applicable laws of Ukraine and Bank's Articles of Association.

A report on the deliverables of conducted inspections and the appropriate conclusions are submitted to the general shareholders meeting and the Supervisory Board. In case a report discloses any deficiencies in the Bank’s business, the Revision Commission shall make recommendations for the purpose of eliminating them.

Members of the Revision Commission are elected by way of cumulative voting by the general shareholders meeting from the scope of the Bank’s shareholders or their representatives. The Revision Commission is accountable to general shareholders meeting.

Membership of Revision Commission:

Head of Revision Commission:
Mr. Danila Smirnov

Members of Revision Commission:
Mr. Dmitriy Zapolskiy
Mr. Andrey Glavatskyy

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