You can transfer money from a card of any Ukrainian bank. It's free and requires no registration.

No fees for paying your credit or replenishing your credit card.


Alpha Redemption works around the clock.


A few clicks - and you're done.

Funding will not have to wait long.

Even the baby will cope.


No need to go to a bank branch

How to make it

Go to the Alpha Repayments section of the Alpha Bank website

Specify the number of the transaction, card or credit account for which you want to make the payment

Specify the amount you will pay

Write the details of the card from which you want to make a payment and click "Pay"

Terms of crediting to the account:

  • till 23:00 in the working day - enrollment in the next working day;
  • after 23:00 on a working day and on weekends - enrollment within 2 subsequent working days.

When paying off foreign currency loans, the money is credited for 1 working day longer.


Pay off your loan, but pay a new credit card to Alfa-Bank with a card of any Ukrainian Bank.

Choose another way to pay the loan

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Online banking where you can pay off credit and transfer money to a credit card.

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Cash and credit card payments.

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