• the cost: Average
  • availability: day and night;
  • the rest: cashback is not returned, restrictions on the amounts, taking one banknote;
  • convenience: easy;
  • regulations sarahanne: several days;
  • additional services: enough;
  • possible risks notes rejection, inability to return / editing input amount, the terminal does not return the rest;
The enrolment period:

1.8% of funds credited for loan repayment, 0% for credit card replenishment (of 06.06.2017 - from 1.8% of contributions).

Please be aware that money is credited to the credit account for the second bank day, excluding the day of payment, when repaying the loan.

Mortgage loan payments are not accepted.

To repay an outstanding debt through self-service terminals you must know: agreement number (9 digits) and loan account number (14 digits). The maximum amount to be paid within one calendar day is UAH 14 999

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