A card that gives gifts

Alfa-Bank Card — more than money

Alfa-Bank Card — more than money
  • Grace period of 55 days Grace period of 55 days
  • Credit limit of UAH 200,000 Credit limit of UAH 200,000
  • 0% installment payment on the world shopping map 0% installment payment on the world shopping map
  • Bonus Vodafone Bonus Vodafone
  • Welcome bonuses - bonuses for 500 Vodafone Welcome bonuses - bonuses for 500 Vodafone
  • Bonuses for active use - up to 500 bonus Vodafone Bonuses for active use - up to 500 bonus Vodafone
  • Up to 20 Vodafone bonus for every 100 UAH purchases Up to 20 Vodafone bonus for every 100 UAH purchases
  • Delivery of the card for UAH 0 Delivery of the card for UAH 0
  • SMS-notification SMS-notification
  • Receiving of a solution on-line Receiving of a solution on-line
  • Mobile banking Mobile banking
  • My Alfa-Bank Internet-based service My Alfa-Bank Internet-based service
  • 2 times a year to obtain credit vacation 2 times a year to obtain credit vacation
  • Minimum set of documents Minimum set of documents

Even more Alfa-benefits

Alfa Watch
Alfa Mobile
My Alfa-Bank
Bonus Award

Alfa Watch is an innovative way to pay with MasterCard PayPass technology.

In other words, your payment card is now inside your watch.

— It is handy

Simply put your watch to the terminal screen, enter the PIN code, and your payment is done.

— It is quick

Pay for goods five times faster since you do not need to search for your card in the bag or wallet.

— It is safe

You are completely secured from card fraud.

— It is smart

A variety of designer solutions for your Alfa Watch allows you to distinguish yourself in any situation.

Full mobile banking is available in any of your devices.

Make any payments and transfers at arm’s end:

— top up your mobile-phone account;

— pay to the free banking details;

— transfer money between all your cards;

— take advantage of the free-of-charge one-touch transfers between Alfa-Bank cards.

Alfa Mobile is available for everyone in iOS, Android, and Web.

With My Alfa-Bank your funds on the accounts and cards are under your full control from any corner of the world. You also get a wide range of additional services to save your time and make your life more comfortable.

Make instant payments and transfers:

— repay loans;

— make transfers between the cards of any banks (for the transfers between Ukrainian bank cards it is only necessary to point the recipient’s card number);

— top up any mobile accounts;

— pay utility bills free of charge and one-touch due to the smart payment system that remembers your payment details.

Be confident of your financial safety:

— Block and unblock your cards online;

— Manage the CVV security.

Bonus points are awarded:

— For all cashless transactions on the main card in retail chains or online, debited from the card account;
— To the Vodafone special bonus account within 2 days after the debiting of the trading transaction from the card account;
— Only to subscribers whose phone number is active (communication services are not temporarily limited). In case if at the time of bonus points award communication services for the phone number are temporarily limited or the SIM card is inactive, bonus points will not be awarded;
— You are awarded 500 annual gift bonuses if you actively use your credit card, i.e. you monthly make non-cash transactions totally worth UAH 500, and have no delays of over 30 days in repaying your credit funds

Bonus points are not awarded:

— For cash withdrawal operations at ATMs or cash desks in banks;
— For additional card transactions; 
— For inactive and canceled cards
— For fund transfers from one account to another, including transactions made with the card in MCC (trade organization code) registered in the international payment system with the following data: 5933, 6530, 7995, 9223, 9754, 7841, 7993, 7994, 6211, 9211, 9222, 9311, 9399, 9402, 9405, 8398, 8641, 8651, 8661, 4829, 5816, 6010, 6011, 6012, 6050, 6051, 6529, 6532, 6533, 6534, 6536, 6537, 6538, 6539, 6540, 7321,8675, 8734,7299, 8699

Always in touch with Alfa-Bank and Vodafone

  • Fee-free cash withdrawal in any ATM inside the country
  • 500 bonus points granted + 500 bonus points for every year with us
  • Every time you pay with Alfa-Connect card, you collect Vodafone bonus points which you can change for free minutes, SMS and other company services. 100 UAH = 20 bonus points.

How to start using the card?

Get your card
Unblock your card
Enjoy the benefits
  • 1

    Make an application in a convenient way:

    — Fill up a form online;
    — Call the contact center at 0 800 50 35 30;
    — Visit one of the salespoints or bank branches.


  • 2

    After taking a decision about the credit card issue, our manager will get in touch with you to specify the procedure and place of receiving the card.

  • 3

    Make out all the documents and take the card in a convenient way:

    — At the salespoint or the bank branch;
    — Via bank courier service.

  • 1

    For your safety, you receive your card locked. Before starting to use it, you have to activate it.

  • 2

    If you received it at the Alfa-Bank branch or salespoint:

    Put the card in the ATM > enter the PIN code > request for card balance.

  • 3

    If you received it via courier:

    Call the Alfa-Bank contact center > answer the security questions.

  • 4

    Do not forget to sign your card on the reverse.

  • 1

    With your Alfa-Bank credit card, anywhere in the world, any time, you can:

  • 2

    pay for goods and services, including installments;

  • 3

    withdraw cash;

  • 4

    earn interest on your own funds balance;

  • 5

    pay utility bills in the comfort of your home.

It’s time to live it to the fullest with the Card Альфа-Connect

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