From 10 UAH per day of using the loan

Monthly payment from 400 UAH

up to 7 categories with cashback

Simple card usage conditions

Сhoose one of the three available credit limits of UAH 5 000, 10 000 or 15 000, and pay a fixed fee of $10, $20 or $30, if applicable, only on credit days

In the absence of debt on the card - the fee is not charged

Grace period for repayment of debt under the terms of the product is not provided

Return the money from each purchase on the card

● 0.5% cashback on everything without restriction
Up to 5 categories are selected monthly
 Up to 10% cashback in selected categories

Withdraw credit at an ATM without a fee

You can withdraw your credit limit at any ATM without any fees

It is very easy to use the card

Choose a limit and order a card on the Bank's website

Mobile banker will deliver the card at a convenient time and for free

Pay by card for your purchases or withdraw money from ATMs

Pay only for credit days

Order card "Everething is simple" right now!

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Convenient mobile application

Manage your cashback

Choose categories for increased cashback and exchange real money bonuses

Transparent transaction history

Keep track of your complete spending and revenue history with convenient card statements

Support team

Get online chat support or a free online call

Pay off the loan

Use the most convenient way to control your credit balance, dates, and amounts of subsequent payments