Consumer credit

Consumer credit

Thousands of products are available to you right now

Consumer loan will help purchase practically everything you or your family need.


The most important things in the life are not things. Therefore, we want you to enjoy life now, rather than think of a long-term accumulation of money for purchase.

  • Decision on loan granting — up to 10 minutes;
  • Loan amount — from UAH 1 000 to UAH 100,000
  • Loan term — from 3 to 60 months
  • Large range of repayment channels
  • Credit card is issued on a free of charge basis.

New purchases must bring joy rather than headache concerning money spent. Therefore, we created our consumer loan beneficial for your family budget. Verify this using a loan calculator.

  • Down payment — from 0%;
  • Overpayment — from 0%.

We value your time and therefore made all endeavors in order you could make the desired purchase as soon as possible. Consumer loan from Alfa-Bank is available to citizens of Ukraine aging from 21 to 70 years old. To obtain up to UAH 100,000 you should bring just:

  • Original copy of passport;
  • Original copy of identification code;
  • Income certificate from permanent employer.
  • Loans up to UAH 50,000 are granted by Alfa-Bank without income certificate!

Advantages of loan granting by Alfa-Bank

Loan insurance
Ways of repayment

Comfort and security of customers are the priorities No. 1 for us. Therefore, every customer is offered to insure his/her loan to protect himself/herself and his/her family against financial difficulties.

  • Insurance in case of loss of income: If you are dismissed or reduced the insurance company will repay your loan for you during six months.
  • Life and health insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances: If the insured event occurs the insurance company will repay all your liabilities towards the bank.

There is no need anymore to transform loan repayment into the whole ritual taking a lot of time. You can make payments wherever you are and in any convenient for you way. The main thing is to do this in time.

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