Buy Alfa-Bank credit card products and services from our partner network. Order payment in installments at 0.01% per annum in the credit limit.

Save money

Easy installments * are available at 0.01% pa without fees and overpayments. That is, it is more profitable to pay for purchases in parts than to pay for the goods at the expense of the credit limit immediately. After all, the interest on borrowed funds from the credit limit is higher.

Save time

Just tell the seller that you have an Alfa Bank card and want to buy the product in Easy Installments. Then he will do everything himself, and you only need to send one SMS.

Make it easy

Alfa-Bank's partner stores are connected to our database. The seller will verify that you are really a customer, have a sufficient credit limit - and beyond. You won't have to sign any contracts.

How to apply by installments

Choose any product at the partner shop of Alfa Bank

Inform the seller about the desire to buy the goods in installments by credit card of Alfa-Bank

When an SMS was received asking for confirmation of the installments, an SMS was sent

Pick up your purchase and be happy.

Our partners

The list of Vodafone stores with Easy Installment

Frequently asked questions

How do I know the available balance on the card?

• By mobile application Sense SuperАpp;

• Send an SMS to 3344 specifying the last 4 digits of the card number in the message text

How do I increase my credit card limit?

Install the Sense SuperАpp mobile application. Select a credit card in the app and click on «Increase Credit Limit».

How much is «Easy Installment»?

0.01% pa. No fees and overpayments.

What amount of «Easy Installment» can be issued?

The number is not limited

How Much Can You Make« Easy Installment»?

For the amount not less than 500 UAH. The maximum amount is limited by the available card limit.

How many items can you buy at a time?

The quantity of goods is not limited

What documents are needed to make an «easy installment»plan?

Documents are not required

Is it possible to issue an “Easy installment plan” if you have your own funds on a credit card?

Yes. Maybe.

Are bonuses / points accrued for purchases using "Easy Installment"

On the cards participating in the "Cash`U CLUB" Reward program, in the Loyalty programs: "Alfa Travel" and "VYGODA" credit card", bonuses / points of the traveler for purchases using the "Easy installment plan" are not accrued.

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* By installments we mean a loan at 0.01% per annum for a term up to 24 months with monthly repayment in equal parts for the whole term of the loan