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Amount of the deposit
If the deposit is greater than UAH 50 thousand – White package of services for free
If the deposit is greater than UAH 250 thousand – Black package of services for free
If the deposit is greater than UAH 500 thousand – Graphite package of services for free
from 5 000
Without restrictions
from 1 mon
up to 24 mon
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1. Consequences for the client if the client uses the banking services or fails to fulfill the obligations stipulated in the agreement on provision of such banking services:
- The income earned from savings (deposit) account transactions is subject to income tax in accordance with the applicable laws of Ukraine.
- If the depositor receives allowances or subsidies, then the receipt of additional income may result in their loss.
- When crediting the money to the savings (deposit) account opened with the Bank, the Bank, according to the terms and conditions of the agreement, undertakes to return the money, and the depositor is obliged to pay for the Bank's services. 
2. Consequences for the client if the client fails to apply to the bank in time for withdrawal of the funds deposited under the bank deposit (savings) agreement:
- If the Client does not contact the Bank in time to request the return of the money placed under the bank savings (deposit) agreement, such deposit will be renewed for the same period and subject to the same conditions as those specified in the bank deposit agreement, except for the interest rate set by the Bank on the date of deposit renewal.
- In case of absence / refusal from renewal, the amount of the deposit with the accrued interest will be transferred to the account specified in the deposit agreement.
3. The Bank is prohibited from requiring the Client to purchase any goods or services from the Bank, associated or related persons as a precondition for the provision of such services (except for the provision of banking packages). 
4. Bank does not have the right to unilaterally amend agreements entered into with the clients, unless otherwise stated in the agreement or established by law; 
5. The Client may refuse to receive any advertising material through the remote communication channels. 
6. Аccompanying services related to the provision of services to attract bank deposit (deposit) - are missing 
7. The client has the right to withdraw from the banking services agreement, if it is provided by law.

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Deposit Guarantee Fund

Alfa-Bank has been a member of the Deposit Insurance Fundsince 1999.

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International capital

Alfa-Bank Ukraine is a member of ABH Holdings S.A. multinational group


Our deposit portfolio is one of the largest in Ukraine

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