Instant Installment Payments


Installment payment by credit card is a partial payment for goods and services using your credit card.

  • Оплата частинами Profitable:Installment — with an annual rate of 0.01%.
  • Оплата частинами Available:Monthly fee for the installment loan is 1.8%
  • Оплата частинами Easy:Repayment of installments by the fixed payments
  • Оплата частинами Understandable:Full control and management online via My Alfa-Bank and Sense SuperApp or Alfa-Mobile app

Take Advantage of the Offer Today!

Convenient and Profitable

Convenient and Profitable

Without documents

Without documents No documents needed, only payment by the Alfa Bank Ukraine credit card

Up to 24 months

Up to 24 months

2 weeks

2 weeks You have 2 weeks to decide on the activation of installments


SMS To activate installments — just send SMS

How to to Issue an Installment Plan



using your credit card worldwide spending more than UAH 500



from 3530 with a code and an offer to transfer your purchase into installment



by sending a free SMS message with the code  3530  



on installment activation

How to Repay the Monthly Payment


Every month on the credit card account day, the monthly payment amount automatically debits from the credit limit. Then, the Bank calculates the mandatory minimum payment = 5% of the used credit limit. For the first time, a monthly installment payment is debited not on the next account day but one account day after activating the installment plan (additional deferment payment).


The Bank sends an SMS and a statement about the repayment amount by the credit card in the billing period.


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last month  
current month
Debt repayment
by the current month statement
Calculation the minimum payment = 5% * (1+2+3) +4
  • 1The amount of money used for purchases in the billing period, excluding the installment amount
  • 2Commission/% (in the case of charge, debited from the credit limit automatically)
  • 3The monthly payment on the installment plan (debited from the credit limit automatically)
  • 4Overdue debt (if any)

The Bank informs the Client about the minimum payment by the card monthly:

Блок-1 via My Alfa-Bank online service
Блок-3 with a bank statement by mail
Блок-2 Po kartci XXXX(rah.2625XXXXXXXXXX) vykorystano ААААА.АА UAH, zaborgovanist' pilgovogo periodu BBBB.BB UAH.Min.platizh CCCC.CC UAH neobhidno splatytu do DD.DD

where AAAAA.AA — the total amount of the used credit limit + outstanding balance;

BBBB.BB — the total amount of the used credit limit, excluding the outstanding balance for repayment in the grace period;

CCCC.CC — minimum payment by the credit card (WMD);

DD.DD — payment date.


Questions and Answers

1. Connection/Disconnection of SMS-sending by the Bank with an installment proposal

• If you do not wish to receive SMS with an installment proposal on your card, to deactivate SMS-sending send code 01 on a short number 3530.
• If you want to re-enable sending SMS with an installment offer on the card, to activate SMS-sending send code 02 short number 3530.

2. I sent an SMS-confirmation, but I still have not received an installment plan. Why?

Activation of installment occurs after the purchase amount will be debited from the card account. After activating the installment plan, the Bank will immediately send the Customer an SMS message about the successful registration of installments.

To transfer the purchase into installments on time (for the nearest calculation of the minimum payment and the amount of the grace period without the current purchase amount), we recommend you send an SMS with installment payment confirmation not later than one day before the payday for your credit card.

The installment plan is activated after the merchant informs the Bank and the purchase amount is debited from the card account. It means that the installment plan is activated in the billing period when the purchase account is debited from the credit card.

3. The return of the goods.

In the case the Customer returns the goods to the store, the seller returns the money to the credit card.
Wherein, to close the installment, the Customer needs to initiate transferring of the refunded amount from the seller in My Alfa-Bank app (the "Installment" block), for the installments closing.

4. Early full or partial installment repayment a credit card.

If the Client wishes to close the installment plan ahead of time (fully or partially), he/she should likewise use My Alfa-Bank app (the "Installment" block) to initiate a full repayment of the installment.

In case of partial early repayment, the outstanding balance should be transferred by the Bank into parts, decreasing the period of the installment usage. It means that the outstanding balance should be divided by the amount of the monthly payment that was calculated when you activated the installment plan, thus determining the amount of time necessary for the full repayment of the debt by installments.

5. What are the reasons for refusing to issue an installment plan by a credit card?

The Bank may deny approving the installment plan by a credit card for the following reasons:

• SMS from the Client was received from an unknown phone number. For registration of an installment plan, SMS should be sent by the Client from his/her telephone number linked to the credit card and on which the Bank sent an offer
• The duration of the installment offer expired (the offer is valid 2 weeks from the date of purchase)
• Credit card inactive/blocked/there is an overdue credit card debt

The installment is issued in the amount of UAH 500 and only for the purchase amount which is completely or partially paid at the expense of the credit limit on the card.

6. What is the term of the installment plan?

The term of the installment plan: 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 months.

Monthly commission from the installment amount — 1,8% for a period of 3 up to 24 months.

7. Where can I find out the status of debt by installments?

• in My Alfa-Bank;
• in a monthly statement.

8. What goods/services are you not able to purchase in installments?

Installments can not be provided for:

• payment transaction services in the entertainment and gaming sites, social, political, and charitable organizations registered under the following traders’ codes: 5933, 6530, 7995, 9223, 9754 (pawn shops, casinos, totalizators, and any other gambling/collateral institution) and 7841, 7993, 7994 (video entertainment, special entertainment facilities);

• 6211, 9211, 9222, 9311, 9399 (public services payments: fines, fees, court payments, alimony, etc.), 9402 9402 (state organization services payments, including the post office) and 9405 (payments between government services and authorities [more relevant abroad]);

• 8398, 8641, 8651, 8661 (political, religious, social, charity organizations);

• 4829, 5816, 6010, 6011, 6012, 6050, 6051, 6529, 6532, 6533, 6534, 6536, 6537, 6538, 6539, 6540, 7321 (financial transfers, including those through My Alfa-Bank and cash withdrawals);

• 8675 (automobile associations), 8734 (testing laboratories [non-medical]), 7299 (other services, not trade), 8699 (organizations that cannot be classified by the type of activity).

• credit card cash withdrawal

• non-cash transfers of funds from a credit card

9. Sending an SMS-message with a code to 3530.

The mobile operators of GSM connection:
Kyivstar: 067, 068, 096, 097, 098
Vodafone: 050, 066, 095, 099
Lifecell: 063, 073, 093

For the GSM mobile operators' users, an SMS-message to 3530 is free.
Intertelecom and Ukrtelecom users need to send an SMS-message to +380931770044 (SMS fee according to operator's tariffs)