To add Google Pay payment method via the Alfa-Bank’s payment page:

To activate the Google Pay payment method on your website:

  • Please, read and accept the Google Pay Terms of Use.
  • If your online store has already been integrated to the Alfa-Bank’s payment gateway, please contact your service manager or send the request to the email address
  • If your website hasn’t been integrated to Alfa-Bank’s payment gateway yet, please send the request to the email address:
  • Stores using own customized payment page hosted on Alfa-Bank’s side or planning to use the one, should send the request to the email address Alfa-Bank service manager gives all the technical details to implement the Google Pay payment method on your website.

How to use Google Pay via the Alfa-Bank’s payment page?

1. Buyer fills in a shopping cart and initiates payment on the website or in the app.

2. The website or online store’s app requests Bank to register the customer’s order.

3. In response, Bank registers the order and returns the payment page URL.

4. The website or online store redirects Buyer to the payment page.

5. The payment page settings start verifying whether the Google Pay payment method is activated by the online store, which is incorporated into the Bank’s payment gateway.

6. Before the Google Pay button is displayed, the payment page settings check whether the payment button can be displayed in Google Pay API.

7. Google API checks whether the payment button can be displayed on the payment page and, after receiving a successful result, the “Pay with GPay” button will be displayed.

8. Buyer clicks the “Pay with Gpay” button.

9. Google API requests Buyer to provide the Google account registration information. Buyer chooses a card and confirms the payment. Bank requests the encrypted payment data from Google Pay API.

10. Google Pay API returns the payment data in the encrypted form, including the payment token.

11. The Bank’s payment page sends a payment request to the Bank’s payment gateway. The payment gateway decrypts the token that has been received and makes a payment.

12. Bank sends the payment status back to the online store’s website or app.

13. The payment status becomes visible to Buyer.