Transfer money onto certain account of a recipient

SWIFT – international banking system that allows financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions and perform transactions. It provides fast, secured and absolutely reliable delivery of financial messages (including money transfers)

SWIFT transfer. Features:

Transfer implemented worldwide between banks, that included in SWIFT system
Foreign currency transfers
You need current account and SWIFT requisites of transfer  receiver to make operation (money transfer)
Recipient will receive money during 1-3 days

How to make a transaction:

1. Visit Alfa bank office
2. Provide documents that identify you and TIN (TIN is necessary just for residents)
3. Open current account
4. Provide SWIFT receiver requisites to responsible officer
5. Put founds on your account for transaction and pay for commission

Tariffs and extra services:

Current account opening ( 0% )
Money transfer – 11%, min 25,00 y.e., max 500,00 y.e.
(y.e. the currency of the transfer is USD, EUR, RUB, but the fee is kept in UAH at the NBU rate on the day of the transaction.)
Available currency USD, EUR, RUB;
GBP, CHF (in terms of non- cash refill of account)

* The fee is charged if the Customer is not serviced under the terms of a package of banking services (Comfort, Ultra, Platinum Black). In the event that the Customer is serviced under the terms of a package of banking services (Comfort, Ultra, Platinum Black), the commission is not charged.


For residents:

Up to UAH 400 000 in equivalent, per a transaction day without supporting documents.

From UAH 400 000 in equivalent, on the basis of the supporting documents submitted.

For non-residents:

Transfers from Ukraine to other countries from current accounts are made without limitation of the amount on the basis of supporting documents.

For individuals non-residents, the supporting documents are those confirming the cash currency's origin.

For more information contact to call center 044 494 01 01

SWIFT receiving. Features:

Must have current account and provide your requisites to sender
Foreign currency transaction
Receive money during 1-3 days

How to receive transfer

1. Visit Alfa bank office
2. Provide documents that identify you and TIN (TIN is necessary just for residents)
3. Open current account
4. Provide SWIFT requisites to sender (attached)
5. Wait for money billing

Requisite to receive transfer to account

Tariffs and extra services:

Current account opening ( 0% )
Receiving money on current account ( 0% )
Cash withdrawal UAH, USD, EUR, RUB - 1%*

Card opening

In accordance with the NBU Resolution No.8 dated January 2, 2019, the Bank is obliged to undertake a complete analysis and verification of the documents (information) relating to the currency transactions with the aim of monitoring and detecting suspicious currency transactions in cases where the submission of the relevant documents (information) is required by the legislation of Ukraine. 

Under the Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine No.5 dated January 02, 2019, resident individuals are authorized to carry out currency transactions to transfer funds from Ukraine/to current accounts of non-resident legal entities opened in Ukraine (except for investment accounts) during a calendar year for the total amount which shall not exceed EUR 100 000 (in equivalent) inclusive for the purpose of:

  • fulfilling their obligations to non-residents under a life insurance contract
  • investments abroad
  • placing funds in their accounts outside Ukraine
  • granting a loan to non-residents (reimbursable financial assistance) in foreign currency

To perform such an operation, the Bank sends a request to the National Bank in electronic form using AIS E-limits to check the customer limit and enter information on currency transaction into AIS E-limits.

The transfer of funds in foreign currency by an individual for an amount exceeding the equivalent of UAH 15,000 at the official exchange rate of hryvnia against foreign currencies established by the National Bank of Ukraine on the date of the transaction can have an indicator of a risky financial transaction (in accordance with the NBU Decree No. 369 of August 15, 2016) and requires the bank to provide comprehensive analysis and verification of additional documents.

Importantly! It is prohibited to use current and card accounts of individuals for conducting business-related transactions.

For more information please visit the nearest “Alfa-Bank” JSC branch
or of  the tel. 044 494 01 01
You can also familiarize yourself with the tariffs for servicing in the SWIFT system in advance

Please note:

1. Consequences for the Client for using banking services or failure to comply with the obligations under the agreement that stipulates the provision of such banking services:

- The Client is obliged to pay the Bank's fee for the provision of the service according to the rates/fees in effect at the time the service is provided or at another time, if this is specified in the rates/fees schedule.

- The Client is obliged, upon request of the Bank, to promptly provide the documents and/or information required to get the relevant services in accordance with the Bank’s internal regulations and/or applicable laws of Ukraine.

- If the Client fails to comply with the obligations stipulated in the banking services agreement, the Client will be held liable in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.

2. The Bank is prohibited from requiring the Client to purchase any goods or services from the Bank or a related or associated person as a precondition for the provision of such services (except a banking package).

3. The Client has the right to refuse to receive the Bank’s advertising material distributed through communication channels.

4. The Bank does not have the right to make unilateral changes to the agreements signed with the Clients, unless otherwise provided by the agreement or law.