Western Union

Western Union

  • More than 334 000 Western Union outlets all over the world
  • High level of transfer safety
  • Delivery of a receipt at the recipient’s address or sending SMS message to a mobile phone

Service Features

Alfa-Bank offers individuals money transfers by Western Union — an international system of express money orders, which allows sending and receiving money within 15 minutes.

  • Money transfers can be sent or received in a few minutes at 334,000 plus points located in more than 200 countries.​​
  • The high security level that guarantees transfer payment only to specified recipient is an important condition.​​
  • Sending money, you can also write a little message to the recipient.​​
  • Additional services available: check delivery to the recipient's address, telegraph notification of the recipient.​

How to make transfer

  • 1

    Visit one of Alfa-Bank branches


  • 2

    Bring identification document (passport)

  • 3

    Pay the cost of transfer and amount of transfer to a recipient

  • 4

    Notify a recipient a 10-digit number received when making transfer.

How to receive a money transfer?

  • 1

    Visit one of Alfa-Bank branches


  • 2

    Inform the bank employee of the check number required to receive a money transfer

  • 3

    Provide personal identity document

  • 4

    Receive money once the operator has checked the availability of the transfer

Limits and restrictions

Money transfer in currency
The transfer payment in the currency
 Transfer amount
identity documentsOpening an account
for individuals-residents
> 400 000 UAHnot required
not required
< 400 000 UAHrequired
agreements (contracts), invoices, payments, or Letters Letters of notification of non-resident legal entities, authorized bodies of foreign countries, lawyers or notaries sheets of foreign countries, claims, invitation (calls), proof of kinship and other supporting documents, used in the international practice.  
for individuals-nonresidents
< 400 000 UAHdocuments confirming money source are required

bank card issued under the tariff "Card and Product"  
not required
> 400 000 UAHrequired

Western Union agent names and locations:

The payment service provider is Western Union Network (France) SAS

Location: 92095 France, 5-6 Place de l'Iris, Paris la Defense CEDEX

Types of Western Union money transfer services:

  • money transfers between individuals (residents and non-residents) within or outside Ukraine in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • paying out money transfers to individuals (residents and non-residents) received from abroad or within Ukraine from individuals (residents or non-residents) or legal entities provided that the relevant agreement is signed with Western Union, in accordance with the applicable legislation of Ukraine.

Types of foreign currency transfers:

  • US dollars (sending and paying out money abroad/received from abroad);
  • Euro (sending to and paying out money received from the countries listed by Western Union);
  • UAH (sending and paying out money within Ukraine).

General Terms and Conditions for Money Transfers

Please find more detailed information on the Western Union website at https://www.westernunion.com/UA/ua/legal/terms-conditions.html.

Availability of money for recipients

The money transferred with Western Union can be paid out within a few minutes.

Procedure for resolving disputes between participants and users of payment systems

All disputes arising between participants and users* of the Western Union money transfer system shall be settled through negotiation, as well as in court in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

 * - users of the Western Union money transfer system are senders and recipients of transfers


Public offer to provide financial services to individuals

Additional Information:

Cost of additional and extra services of the bank, credit intermediaries and third parties: no additional and extra services


1. Consequences for the Client for using banking services or failure to comply with the obligations under the agreement that stipulates the provision of such banking services:

- The Client is obliged to pay the Bank's fee for the provision of the service according to the rates/fees in effect at the time the service is provided or at another time, if this is specified in the rates/fees schedule.
- The Client is obliged, upon request of the Bank, to promptly provide the documents and/or information required to get the relevant services in accordance with the Bank’s internal regulations and/or applicable laws of Ukraine.
- If the Client fails to comply with the obligations stipulated in the banking services agreement, the Client will be held liable in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.

2. The Bank is prohibited from requiring the Client to purchase any goods or services from the Bank or a related or associated person as a precondition for the provision of such services (except a banking package).

3. The Client has the right to refuse to receive the Bank’s advertising material distributed through communication channels.

4. The Bank does not have the right to make unilateral changes to the agreements signed with the Clients, unless otherwise provided by the agreement or law.

5. The client has the right to withdraw from the banking services agreement, if such right is established by law.