How the policy works
Choose a health insurance program
Obtain a medical insurance policy
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Tariffs for insurance policies
emergency help optimal support guaranteed safety family care desired comfort Premium protection
insurance payment 1 050,00 3 290,00 5 400,00 8 200,00 16 700,00 32 200,00
Insurance payment 50 000,00 100 000,00 100 000,00 200 000,00 250 000,00 250 000,00
Immediate hospital treatment up to 4 categories up to 4 categories up to 4 categories up to 5 categories up to 7 categories up to 7 categories
polyclinic up to 4 categories up to 4 categories up to 5 categories up to 7 categories up to 8 categories
Рrovision of medicines A franchise of 30% A franchise of 30% A franchise of 0% A franchise of 0%
Calling the doctor at home
Planned in-patient treatment up to 5 categories up to 7 categories up to 8 categories
emergency dentistry
What do you get with health insurance from Alfa Insurance?
  • Organization of medical care 24/7 365 days a year throughout Ukraine
  • Medical care without queues in clinics
  • Emergency First Aid Calls
  • Ordering and delivery of medicines at home
  • Alfa Insurance will always promptly find the right medical specialists for you and need medical facilities
  • You will forget about the queues to doctors in clinics
  • Save money on unnecessary and ineffective medicines
Why is it profitable to buy a medical insurance policy from Alpha?
  • Included in TOP 10 of leaders in health insurance
  • 200,000 insured entrusted us their health
  • own assistance with coordinators
  • More than 8 years of experience in the organization of medical care
  • More than 3000 partners medical institutions
  • modern solutions modern IT solutions implemented
Mobile application "Alpha Assistance"
The application will help you always be in touch with Alfa Insurance, get information about the status of payments promptly and store the history of calls
Оutpatient care
  • Consultations of specialized doctors
  • All methods of instrumental and laboratory diagnostics (polyclinic)
  • Treatment in outpatient settings
  • Calling a doctor home
  • Рrovision of medicines
  • rapid organization of medical care 24/7 365 days a year throughout Ukraine
  • medical care without queues in clinics calls for private first aid
  • заказ и доставку медикаментов на дом
  • Еmergency hospitalization
  • Рlanned hospitalization
  • All kinds and methods of instrumental and laboratory diagnostics (inpatient)
  • Consultation of doctors
  • Surgical and therapeutic treatment
  • Рrovision of medicines
  • Maintaining medical records
  • Round-the-clock call of ambulance team
  • Departure of specialized teams
  • Review and preset diagnosis
  • Emergency medical therapy
  • Transportation to a medical institution
Franchise in health insurance programs
Part of the cost of the service / medicines, which reimburses Alfa Insurance and you need to pay this amount yourself to a medical institution or pharmacy.
Categories of clinics
Categories of clinics (treatment and prophylactic institutions) are listed in the "List of health facilities", which can be found on the website of Insurance Company "Alfa Insurance" at the link / link:
Is there a dentistry coverage in a medical policy?
Emergency dental care is covered by the following programs of insurance "Desirable Comfort" and "Premium Protection"
Is it possible to insure children?
Yes, to insure children is also possible. To clarify the information on insurance conditions and contract execution, you must apply to any branch of Alfa-Bank.
What should I do if an insured event occurs?
In the event of an insured event, immediately call Alma Strakhovaniya by phone: 0 800 50 39 99 (free within Ukraine from the numbers of Ukrainian operators) +38 (044) 495 81 21 (the cost of calls according to the tariff of your operator
Are there discounts for family insurance?
With family insurance, discounts range from 5% to 20%.
To order a policy, visit the nearest office!
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