Property insurance

To order call consultant

for each case 1 500 UAH


to RS 15,000 without reference to the competent bodies

The validity of

contract 1 year

Fast registration

the agreement, Alfa-Bank for 7 min.

The object of insurance

houses and flats to owners or tenants (without inspection, photographing, compilation of inventories of movable property, drafting of supplementary statements).

the size of the apartment or house and year of their construction do not affect the price.

Options for the insurance program
Structural elements
Movable property

(Limit 30%)

The liability to third parties

(a Limit of 30 000 UAH.)

Interior trim and engineering equipment
Fire risks



the aircraft

The influence of water

emerged from the water, Sewerage and heating systems as well as water vapor and liquids

Natural phenomena:

storm, hurricane, whirlwind, flood, action of groundwater, rain, hail, landslide, collapse, land subsidence

Illegal actions of third parties

breaking and entering, deliberate destruction or property damage by third parties

A gas explosion

used for domestic use

sum Insured, UAHInsurance payment UAH
190 000800
375 0001 200
700 0002 000
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