MEGOGO with 10% cashback

The best films of the world cinema, new releases and a huge film archive - you will find all this at MEGOGO! And with the card of Alfa-Bank at the most favourable price.

There is a promotional offer now: you will get 10% cashback in Cash'U CLUB program for movie purchase or rental at MEGOGGO with the card of Alfa-Bank!

This is your personal cinema: high quality, legal and always at hand. The “Movie” section is updated daily, so you and your loved ones will always have something to watch.

To take advantage of the promotional offer, you have to register on or in the MEGOGO mobile app and to pay for movie purchase or rental with the card of Alfa-Bank.

* Cashback is accrued until the 20th of the month following the date of purchase to the bonus account of the Cash’U CLUB loyalty program.

The promotional offer does not apply to the purchase of subscriptions, set-top boxes and movies for 1 UAH.

Official promotional offer rules