Branches work on a specific schedule, so you can replenish the card only on business days and at a limited time, after registering in the electronic queue.

Replenishment of a debit card in a branch is


only during office hours


a bank employee will do everything for you


money on the card instantly


for bank services you need to pay a commission


a receipt with a seal is always in you

Top up card in the department:

1. Find the nearest branch on the map

2. Come to the department while it is working.

3. Register in the electronic queue

4. Provide the employee with the details of the card or the card itself to replenish

Money on the card instantly!


Provided that the debit card in UAH is replenished in the amount of:

less than or equal to 4 000.00 UAH. inclusive - at the cash desk a commission of 30.00 UAH is paid.

more than 4 000.00 UAH. - no commission

Replenishment of currency cards - no commission

BUT, if you want to save time, carry out operations 24/7 and save on commissions

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