With the Alfa-Mobile smartphone application, banking operations are available 24/7 and anywhere where there is internet.

Forget about hiking to the branches. Replenish cards ,transfer money, pay bills, track the flow of funds, replenish the mobile to yourself and your family, arrange deposits, change currency, contact customer support - new features are added regularly.

Benefits of Alfa-Mobile


a few clicks and payment was made


funds are credited during the day


no commissions for paying the loan, utilities, recharge mobile


the mobile bank operates around the clock, without breaks and weekends


the mobile app uses a secure connection


instant balance check, view transaction history

It is very easy to top up a card in Alfa-Mobile:

1. Download the application on your smartphone if you haven’t done it before

2. Open Alfa-Mobile, log in

What's next?

3. Select the card you want to replenish in the main menu

4. Click on the “Replenis” button. Choose a transfer source: a card of another bank or an account with Alfa Bank

5. Determine the amount of payment

Money on the card instantly!

Try Alfa-Mobile now!

Install the application and replenish cards in a convenient way