Save time, replenish your debit card without queues in our ATMs with cash withdrawal function.


ATMs work around the clock


you can make a large amount


quick deposit of funds


only a few elementary actions.

Save time

use time for yourself and your family, not for the checkout

Replenish the card in a few actions

Find the address of the nearest Cash-In ATM on the Alfa Bank website

Choose a recharge card from the ATM menu.

Insert a point or enter a card number (16 digits) or account number

Put money in an ATM, get a check.

Money on the card instantly

And a few more interesting things.

Card can be replenished:
- by number - 16 digits
- or by card account number - 29 digits

In this case, you do not even need to insert a card into an ATM.

And if you have a phone with the NFC function, just bring it to the ATM and make a card recharge even faster*

* The list of ATMs with the NFC function - choose the appropriate filter on the site.

To replenish a card, you need to know the card number (16 digits) or account (29 digits)


Replenishment of debit cards - FOR FREE (regardless of the amount of payment)